Personal HiFi audio

Today, PC is very powerful device in home entainment. It has very high sound quality and can cover all kind of audio and video sources. With a high sound quality speaker, you don’t need to spent money to buy an expensive HiFi set or a bulky AV set.

  • Audiophile music play on iTune (iOS) or Groove (WIN)
  • Online music streaming from Spotify, Tidal, …..
  • 5.1 movie watch from online or download
  • Everything you can watch in YouTube 
  • Gaming sound on PC or game console

Our speakers set bring you differences

  • All speakers, subwoofer, transmitter are wireless
  • It can be a stereo 2.0/2.1/2.2 set and a true surround 5.1/5.2 set
  • No lag, video-to-audio perfect in-sync, no lip sync problem
  • It has excellent stereo effect, capable to reproduce orchestral sound stage
  • It is a HiFi grade speaker, its mid range sound have incredible details
  • It can be used for near field listening and  far field listening
  • It can be an indoor speaker or portable outdoor speaker

Only we can support native USB 5.1 audio

Support standard USB 6 channels audio without audio driver installation. Guarantee 100% compatabile with iMac and WIN10.

Movie 5.1 sound is in Dolby or DTS format, decoded LPCM sound is output to USB port. Game sound is LPCM and direct send to USB port. You don’t need to have external sound card and no need to worry game sound encode-to-decode compatability porblem. 

Smart dual woofer 2.2 and 5.2 mode

In 5.1 set, single woofer is to play LFE channel in 5.1 mode and L+R bass in 2.1 mode.
If seocnd woofer is added, the set will turn to 5.2 mode, then place 2 woofers on left and right side. In stereo play, L woofer will play L channel bass and R woofer will play R channel bass. Music stereo effect and sound stage is superb. In 5.1 play, dual woofers will push movie bass to your ears, you will be transport to movie world. 

Why dual woofer ?

  • Low bass frequency response down to 38Hz, deep bass perform as of 6″ bookshelf speaker
  • Two side bass sound can remove unbalance sound pressure
  • Higher dynamic bass and stronger punching effect 
  • Easy placment, plac woofer behind or under main speaker

Sound concept

  • By use of full range speaker, undistorted vocal sound is the most natural
  • 32 bit audio depth, retain full sound details at low volume
  • Minimum signal processing, well balanced sound suit for all kind of music
  • Preloaded 2.0/2.1 audio paramters cater for near field and far field listening
  • User selectaable 4 sound mode to fit different sound sources :
    Music – for pop, song, jazz, classical
    Movie – for movie watch
    Game – as gaming speaker set
    Comfort – for news, presentation, dialogue listening

HiFi build

All our speakers are HiFi grade, of course the PC speakers are.

  • Full digital, quard-core prcoessor, modern audio design
  • Upsampling to 96KHz 24/32bit, HD sound standard
  • Async USB buffer to isolate PC dirty audio clock jittering
  • Highest accuracy time managment on woofers, auto phase compensation in 2.1 and 2.2 mode
  • Neodynmium magnet drive
  • HiFi grade component, high capacity long life battery
Press here to learn more about the USB 5.1 set.

Make for YouTube

YouTube has very high sound quality, but most of PC speaker can’t play good sound. Root reason is YouTube use AAC codec which is generally use in movie sound track aimed for high sharpness sound. AAC is fundemantal encoder in Dolby sound. Its sound nature is clean, high dynamic, crisp and sharp detials.  
To reproduce warm music sound, apply as less as possible sound processing, retain clean vocal sound by use of full range drive, never emphasis high pitch tone, keep dynamic bass as much as possible.  
Of course, no lag is a MUST. Our speaker set has ultra-low latency, you will never see lip sync problem.

Gaming 5.1 speaker

Our speaker set is the simplest way to enable game 5.1 sound on WIN10 and iMac. Just plug and play without need to install audio driver, no need to have external sound card and  AV amplifier. No lag video-to-audio sync ensure every interactive sound go to your ear without delay.
Game speaker set can be start from 2.0/2.1 to 5.1. Love bass, go for 5.2 set.
For Nintendo Switch, just plug the ONEdongle into USB port, vivid game sound come out let you more happy.
PS4/PS5 support USB 2.1 audio, may have firmware upgrade to support 5.1 audio shortly, easily plug and play can get PS game sound.

Recommand set

Starter kit consist of 2pcs ONEmicro HD and ONEdongle HD. Replace PC or notebook build-in speaker, you will get a big jump.
Need more bass in movie watch, add a woofer ONEbass.3+3.
To retain orchestral sound stage, use 2pcs woofer for L channel bass and R channel bass.
Add rear speaker pair (4.2 set) can create 3D vertical sound space at your back, your room will turn to a concert hall.
Full 5.1 kit for music and surround. Switch off center speaker the set is 4.1 stereo mode with 3D sound, switch on center speaker the set is 5.1 surround mode.
Top model with 2pcs woofer, side by side woofer deliver pushing movie bass to your ear, experince a high end AV set listen in a movie room.

Specification table

USB HD 2.0 USB HD 2.1/2.2 USB 5.1/5.2
Overview Theme PC compact HiFi speaker PC audio set PC surround set
Listening size Desktop Room size 100ft Room size 150ft
Sound quality HQ+, amplifier 96KHz/32bit HQ+, amplifier 96KHz/32bit HQ, amplifier 96KHz/24bit
Country EU, US, JP, SA, Asia, ROW EU, US, JP, SA, Asia, ROW EU, US, JP, SA, Asia, ROW
Devices USB dongle ONEdonge - HD ONEdongle - HD ONEdongle - SUR
Speakers ONEmicro HD x 2 ONEmicro HD x 2 ONEmicro x 5
Woofer N/A ONEbass.3+3 , 1 or 2 pcs ONEbass.3+3 , 1 or 2 pcs
Accessory No Optiional, docking x 2 Doclking for center speaker
Audio mode USB stereo (2 channels) 48KHz 24bit 48KHz 24bit 48KHz 24bit
USB 5.1 (6 channels) Not support Not support 48KHz 16bit
Battery Speaker play time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours
Woofer play time N/A 20-40 hours 20-40 hours
Long feeding power Yes, stay at standby mode Yes, stay at standby mode Yes, stay at standby mode
Auto standby mode 10 minutes auto power off 10 minutes auto power off 10 minutes auto power off
Charge time 3-4 hours 3-5 hours 3-5 hours
Chargers USB 5V 1A USB 5V 2A USB 5V 2A
Battery idle time 1 years 1 years 1 years
Estimate battery life 3-5 year 3-5 year 3-5 years
Woofer audio routing Stereo 2.1 Not support L+R bass on woofer L+R bass on woofer
Stereo 2.2 Not support L bass on L woofer, R bass on R woofer L bass on L woofer, R bass on R woofer
Surround 5.1/5.2 Not support Not support LFE bass on 1/2 woofers
Sound features AIR+ 3D sound Yes, upgrade to 4.0 Yes, upgrade to 4.1/4.2 Yes
Stereo sound timber Natural, Vivid, Vocal, Comfort Natural, Vivid, Vocal, Comfort Music, Movie, Game, Comfort
Surround sound effect Not support Not support Music, Movie, Vivid
Linked master volume On main speaker On main speakers On main speakers
Speaker group volume N/A N/A Rear speaker group, center speaker
Woofer volume N/A Yes, linked if 2 pcs woofer Yes, linked if 2 pcs woofer
Setting Woofer position N/A Behind, In line, Front Behind, In line, Front
Center speaker positon N/A N/A Behind, In line, Front
L-to-R balance Yes, 7 steps Yes, 7 steps Yes, 7 steps
Auto search transmitter Yes, up to 3 Yes, up to 3 Yes, up to 3
Others Max. speakers on ONEdongle 16 16 16
Firmware upgrade Yes, USB interface on WIN Yes, USB interface on WIN Yes, USB interface on WIN
Upgrade to surround set Yes, ONEdongle need FWU Yes, ONEdongle need FWU N/A
Outdoor use Yes Yes Yes