Q. What's battery life ?

Ans. Panasonic battery guarantee 300 charges can keep battery capacity not less than 80% of original. Assume spekaer charge one time a month, 300 charge mean 25 years life time.

Q. When should I charge the speaker?

Ans. When battery lower than 20%, every time turn on speaker will report battery low. Red LED flash to indicate battery level lower than 10%. Suggest to re-charge battery for ONEmini/ONEmedi lower than 10%, and ONEmicro lower than 20%.

Q. Can I charge my speaker all the time ? Will the battery be damaged ? Can it play music during charge ?

Ans. Speaker work normal during charge. You can keep the speaker always charging, no damage battery life.

Q. Can I keep my speaker always standby, so I don't need to turn on speaker every time ?

Ans. Yes. (1) You can set your speaker to standby mode : go to speaker menu Power mode page, select power mode Standby, (2) keep speaker always charging.

Q. Can I replace battery ?

Ans. We put first priority on sound quality, battery replaceable function usullay degrade sound quality, so you can't replace battery. ONEmini and ONEmedi usually have 10 year battery life.

Q. Why ONEmini/ONEmedi take long time to full charge ?

Ans. Typical charge time by a 2A charger is 12-14 hours. If you use a 1A charger, charge time will be around 20 hours.

Q. Can I freely mix and match ONEaudio speaker ?

Ans. Yes, you can combine any kind of ONEaudio speaker in your set, only limit to speaker pair must be same model.

Q. How can I upgrade our speaker set from stereo to surround ?

Ans. Yes, you can add new spoeakers on rear channel and center channel, then surround function will be automatic enable.

Q. I love bass, how easy to add a subwoofer ? Can I use 2 subwoofers ?

Ans. Just add subwoofer to ONEbox or ONEdongle, the system will learn new speaker configure and auto switch sound profile to 2.1 mode. You can add up to 4 subwoofers in your set.

Q. Can I use 2 or more speakers on center channel or main channel ?

Ans. Yes, you can add 2 or more speakers on main, rear or center channel, but limited to maximum 16 speakers in your whole system. Suggest to use same model speaker for paralelling, otherwise, sound clarity will have a bit degraded.

Q. What's sound quality of a HiRes song file play on ONEaudio set ?

Ans. If the HiRes file is originate from master copy, you will hear better sound. If the HiRes file is an up-sample processed file, we strongly NOT recommend to use. ONEbox internal upsampler can do better, an uncompressed WAV file (44.1/16) is the best.

Q. Which play mode will have the best sound quality ?

Ans. Use local music server as network DMS (digital media server) has the best sound quality. No audio streaming can reduce radio noise, sound will be more clean and pure.

Q. What's different between LFE effect and LFE level ?

Ans. Subwoofer LFE level is bass output level, LFE level is linked with master volume. LFE effect in stereo 2.1 mode is bass effect : Soft effect is subwoofer only output deep low bass (<55Hz), Comfort effect is general bass, Strong effect is design for big room or open area.

Q. Does ONEaudio use equalizer to adapt stereo and surround sound nature ?

Ans. No, we don't use equalizer, equalizer is sound killer. ONEaudio use low layer sound construction to build 13 sound profile for stereo 2.0/2.1, surround 5.1 and TV. Each sound has best fitted sound charcter with well-balanced natural sound.

Q. Why ONEaudio do not recommand FLAC file ?

Ans. FLAC file is domain shifted encode format. FLAC has very good HD sound quality, but musicality is lost.

Q. Can I do upgrade at home, what's tools I need to have ?

Ans. You need to have a WIN notebook, download the firmware upgrade tools and the new firmware

Q. Why I need to do firmware upgrade ?

Ans. We will have latest verion firmware release on our website download zone. New firmware usually has sound and compatibility improved, with bugs fixed. If you like current sound and no use problem, you don't need to upgrade your speakers or console box.

Q. What I need to do after firmware upgrade ?

Ans. You need to do all speaker pairing, add each speaker pair to ONEbox and ONEdongle

Q. Any precaution ?

Ans. Never remove power during firmware upgrade. Make sure the firmware is for your device. Upgrade your whole set, otherwise, you will got imcompatible problem between speaker and console box.

Q. Can I use MacBook or iMac for firmware upgrade ?

Ans. No, only support WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 (with end 2018 patch of Visual C++)

Q. Does my ONEbox.micro has 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 function ready ?

Ans. If your ONEbox.micro is shipped at Aug 2019 or afterward, yours has TOP speaker function.

Q. Can I upgrade my ONEmicro to ONEmicro+ for 5.1.2 play ?

Ans. No, ONEmicro+ has processor upgraded. Firmware is imcompatible. You need to buy ONEmicro+.

Q. How can I know speaker is on which position ?

Ans. You can go to speaker menu [Report Status] to check speaker position. 2. In samrtphone web control, speaker setup page, touch [Test speaker].

Q. How can I change my speaker from main speaker to rear speaker ?

Ans. Do pairing again of your speaker to ONEbox. Select speaker position [Rear] during pairing.

Q. How can I set my rear speaker to higher or lower volume ?

Ans. Press [+]/[-] key during playing can change speaker volume. 2. In smartphone web control, speaker setup page -> rear speaker page, change speaker group volume.

Q. Why ONEbox doesn't has analogy audio input ?

Ans. Sound quality on analogy audio port is highly depend on interconnect wire and connector socket. We want to eliminate unnecessary spending on accessory. Digital connection give distortion free solution.

Q. Does ONEbox has decoder for 5.1 surround sound ?

Ans. Yes, Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1 decoder equipped in ONEbox.

Q. ONEbox only has sinlge optical input, how to connect 2 or more AV player ?

Ans. You can connect AV player to your TV by HDMI cable, then connect TV digital audio output to ONEbox optical input. Select TV digital audio output to Bitstream to retrieve 5.1 raw singal.

Q. Which HiRes format are supported ?

Ans. ONEbox support WAV 96/24, WAV 192/24, FLAC 192/24, DSD 2.8 (on next release firmware).

Q. What requirement of USB adaptor for ONEbox.micro ?

Ans. Standard USB adaptor 5V 1A with high current (2A) micro USB cable. USB host port (0.5A) of TV, notebook, set-up-box are marginally okay.

Q. Can I use ONEdongle on my smartphone ?

Ans.If yours is iPhone, use a [Lightning to USB Camera Adapter] to convert lightning port to USB port. If yours is Android phone, use an OTG adaptor.

Q. ONEdongle get a bit hot, is it a problem ?

Ans.ONEdongle is HiFi grade transmitter. Inside 2 pcs DSP are running at high speed. Hot in summer time is normal.

Q. Should I remove ONEdonlge to avoid notebbook audio route to non-operated speaker ?

Ans.No need to remove ONEdonlge. ONEdonlge will detect speaker whether it is power off, then isolate from USB port.

Q. How can I switch speaker connection to ONEdongle ?

Ans.In speaker menu [Change Connection], select [Auto] to enable auto search, select [ONEdongle] to enable manual connect to ONEdongle.

Q. Can DECT work at my country ?

Ans.DECT is a popular wireless channel for indoor wireless telephone. Up to now, 110 countries adopt DECT standard. ONEaudio DECT standard cover EU-DECT, SA-DECT, US-DECT, J-DECT, India and Asian countries. For more detial, please go to : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Enhanced_Cordless_Telecommunications

Q. Will DECT channel get crowded in the future ?

Ans.No, more DECT channel will be avalibale. Reason is indoor cordless telephone demend is shrinking. DECT telephone is getting less, that mean more DECT channel will be avaliable .

Q. I have a DECT telpehone, can I use DECT audio set without interference ?

Ans.From offical regulation, EU-DECT has 10 channels and US-DECT has 5 channels. So you can use up to 10 (or 5 in US) DECT devices.

Q. What should I do if my speaker has faulty in 12 months warranty period ?

Ans.Please send your defect device to us. We usually take 1-2 weks for repair. The we will ship it back to you at our cost.

Q. What kind of defects are covered in warranty ?

Ans.Defects under normal operation are well covered. Abnormal use damge, damage by faulty USB adaptor, improper USB port access, and misused the device are not covered in product warranty.

Q. Subwoofer is too heavy, can I repair DIY in case if it is damaged ?

Ans.Yes, you can. We will send you electronic board for replacemnet. Only 3 steps to fixed it, we will provide you repair guide.