Compact, Powerful, Fast, Accurate bass

Upgrade a compact size speaker perform like a floor standing speaker

In music play, a subwoofer has quality bass can extend sound spectrum deeper. In movie play, a subwoofer has quantity bass can bring out exciting atmosphere in action movie. ONEwoofer is compact in size, design for music and movie play, it can deliver quality and quantity bass.  

All 3 models ONEwoofer are wireless, no worry about placement, no cabling problem.
ONEwoofer.6+6                    225x225x235mm         30Hz bass
ONEwoofer.8+8                    275x275x290mm         27Hz bass

Raw look, Modern design

ONEwoofer is made by Epoxy. Epoxy is a high hardness mould-forming materials. It has raw appearance, without painting, lava black and pearl white colour definitely match to your home décor. It is very compact in size, no placement problem.

It is wireless, no wiring trouble. It has 2 active drivers having back-to-back mounting, that can cancel out vibration. DSP inside take care filtering and time alignment to ensure subwoofer is perfectly work with main speaker. Setting subwoofer is just on your smartphone.

Love bass ?

Add extra subwoofer where and when you need them. By combining different size subwoofer can fill up each layer of bass. You can add up to 4 ONEwoofers in  your set, put them at corners will get you surrounding earthquake bass in movie play.

Put ONEwoofer front-facing will give you fast punchy bass, put it side-facing will give you immersive deep bass. 

DSP Design

ONEwoofer is full digital design, from wireless receiver to digital amplifiers, no analogy component along signal path. So, never have hum noise and noise pick up. Time alignment, phase correction, equalizing and user settings are processed by DSP. Parameters are precisely control.

Twin driver, powerful bass in small body

ONEwoofer is twin driver design, 2 active drivers give 2 times of power output. ONEwoofer.6+6 can reproduce a deep bass down to 30Hz, surpassing a conventional 8” subwoofer. ONEwoofer.8+8 can cover a 300ft room.

Wide frequency response, punching bass

ONEwoofer is sealed enclosure design, not bass reflector to avoid over-boosted problem. It has wide frequency response up to 450Hz. Higher frequency response mean bass is faster and more accurate. Bass in and out can well controlled, no residual blur effect. 

Epoxy – perfect cabinet material

ONEwoofer enclosure is made of Epoxy. It is a high hardness material, 5 times stronger than MDF. Epoxy cabinet is injection mould forming, no jointing edge, having the strongest structure. Strong body is key factor for a clean bass.  

Bass filling technique, ONEwoofer is a speaker

Bass filling is ONEaudio’s proprietary bass management technique. With ONEwoofer wide frequency response characteristic, ONEmicro surround speaker mid-low frequency move to ONEwoofer, sharing mid-low bass on speaker and ONEwoofer to solve weak mid-low bass problem. A ONEmicro 5.1 surround set can play rich male dialogue.

No vibration

Twin driver facing back to back can cancel out vibration. You can’t feel vibration on enclosure exterior, means no induce unwanted bass on placement surface.  You can put the ONEwoofer on desktop. Place it on floor will not induce vibration bass noise diffuse to lower floor.

Time correction, always in phase

DECT technology can control subwoofer in high accurate timing. Together with high precision FIR equalizing and low frequency long wave time correction, sound acoustic merging is seamless, no mid-low bass blurred problem. Main speaker and subwoofer matching is automatic, parameters are pre-loaded, all we have done for you.     

Setup ONEwoofer

You can easily setup ONEwoofer on your smartphone via ONEbox. You can also use local key to set ONEwoofer with voice guidance.
You can fine tune subwoofer phase in [Phase alignment] setting. That is important setting if subwoofer is place near main speaker, mis-aligned subwoofer phase will make vocal sound blur. 

Support parallel subwoofer

ONEaudio set can support up to 4 subwoofers. You can place subwoofer at each corner reproduce 3D bass. Subwoofer combination can be a mix with any size. Benefit of mixing different size subwoofer is to fill up each bass layer to cover full bass spectrum. Upgrade subwoofer is add on instead of replace, no wastage.

How to connect ?

  • Connect to ONEdongle for USB 2.1 / 5.1
  • Connect to ONEbox.micro for 2.1 / 3.1 / 5.1 / 5.1.4
  • Connect to ONEbox.HQ for 2.1 / 3.1 / 5.1 / 5.1.4
  • Connect to for 2.1 / 3.1 / 5.1

Listen the difference !

“Clean, clear, fast, super ”   ….   Chritaina Amrita.

“Great, everthing get done, no crossover setting, good bass ”   ……   David upshaw. 

Specification summary:

ONEwoofer.6+6 MK2 ONEwoofer.8+8 MK2
Outlook Size 225x225x235mm 275x275x290mm
Colour Lava black, Pearl white Lava black
Weight 9.5Kg 14.5Kg
Build Material Epoxy, single piece Epoxy, single piece
Enclosure Sealed enclosure Sealed enclosure
Separated PCB housing Yes, internal partition at the bottom Yes, internal partition at the bottom
Drivers Twin active 6.5" driver Twin active 8.5" driver
Output Continuous power 100W 160W
Dynamic power 180W 240W
Frequency response 30-480Hz 27-450Hz
SPL @40Hz (with room gain) 104dB 107dB
Hardware DECT channel DECT, EU, US, JP, SA DECT, EU, US, JP, SA
ClassD amplifiers 2 pcs PBTL mode 2 pcs PBTL mode
Features Bass filling Yes Yes
Subwoofer paralleling Yes, up to 4, support mixed Yes, up to 4, support mixed
Time correction to speaker Yes, auto Yes, auto
User setting Delay 0, 5 (default), 10, 20mS 0, 5 (default), 10, 20mS
Phase Normal (default), invert Normal (default), invert
Cut off frequency Bypass (default), 100, 160, 480Hz Bypass (default), 100, 160, 480Hz
Woofer volume 49 levels in 1 dB step 49 levels in 1 dB step
Port/Switch USB charge port Dual port 5V 0.5A Dual port 5V 0.5A
Keys [Power], [+/menu], [-/enter] [Power], [+/menu], [-/enter]
LEDs Blue for operation, Red for warnng Blue for operation, Red for warnng
Support transmitter ONEdongle Yes Yes
ONEbox.micro Yes Yes
ONEbox.HQ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control accessibility Via smartphone Yes, support full setting Yes, support full setting
By local key 3 keys with voice guidance 3 keys with voice guidance
Power supply Normal rating 110-220V 120W 110-220V 180W
Standby power consumption 0.5W 0.5W