Portable woofer, it is cordless and wireless

ONEbass.3+3 is a portable woofer to play 5.1 LFE channel and stereo 2.1 bass channel. It don’t have speaker cable and power cord. It is operated by battery that can provide 20-30 hours play time. 

Work with ONEmicro in USB 2.1 and USB 5.1 kit, you can build a personal surround system in very small space. You can hear 5.1 sound on your study desk for movie watch and 5.1 game playing. 

Youtube has better than CD sound quality. Not only music play, Youtube have movie, news, presentation, ….  An ONEmicro 2.1 and 5.1 has 4 sound profiles to carter all kinds of sound requirement. With ONEbass.3+3 as woofer, movie watch definetly surprise you.

Bass come from a small device

How a tiny speaker to play low bass in movie play ?

  • Twin 3″ woofer can reproduce low freqeuncy down to 38Hz
  • Double magnet high sensitivity long displacement driver
  • High efficient Class D amplifier output 20W power
  • 4mm aluminium cabinet to sustain internal sound pressure to produce clean bass
  • Bass reflector design to boost low bass  
  • DSP design, all-in-one firmware, highest flexible audio mode

Battery operated

ONEbass.3+3 is installed 2 pieces high capacity rechargeable battery. Battery can supply 20-30 hours play time in movie watch. It is charged by USB 5V adaptor, charge time is 5-6 hours.
You can keep ONEbass always in charging without damage the battery. Korean made battery has 5~10 years life time depend on frequent of charge.
You can check battery level at voice menu. ONEbass will prompt low battery warning when battery level is lower than 10%.

Pair of ONEbass.3+3

In near field listening, a single woofer place aside usually have unbalanced bass come from woofer side. We have solution. You can use a pair of ONEbass.3+3, put one at left side and put another one at right side.
When 2 pieces ONEbass are in the set, ONEbass will be assigned as woofer left and woofer right. In stereo play, left woofer will play left channel bass and right woofer will play right channel bass. 
The true 2.2 stereo mode can reproduce an excellent stereo effect,  you will hear complete soundstage in classical music play.

Woofer in gaming speaker set

ONEbass.3+3 can be bass engine in game speaker set. Putting ONEbass on study desk, or in family room, it can output enough bass in game playing. Surrounding sound come from ONEmicro, with bass layer sound, can transfer you to game world.  

  • WIN10 and iMac game 5.1 woofer in USB 5.1 set
  • Nintendo Switch 2.1 or 4.1  woofer in USB-HD 2.1 set
  • PS4/PS5 2.1/5.1 woofer in USB 5.1 set

Supported kit

Audio set : USB 2.1, USB 5.1
Transmitter :  ONEdongle – HD,  ONEdongle – SUR
Speakers :  ONEmicro MK2
Support up to 4 pieces ONEbass


Size  :  212 x 92 x 132mm, one piece aluminium body
Weight  :  2.8Kg
Colour  :  Silver body + white front cover, Silver body + black front cover
Output  :  Twin 3″ double magnet woofer, 20W power
Frequency response  :  38-330Hz
Play time  :  ~40 hours for music play, ~20 hours for movie play
Charge time  :  5-6 hours

Woofer setting  :  Woofer position, Cut off frequency, Group volume  (with voice guidance)
Supported transmitter  :  Up to 3
Parallel woofer  :  Single, Pair (L & R), Dual pairs (4 pieces)
Firmware upgrade  :  Yes