Setup guide

Setup guide

Quick operation guide :
Volume, input, speaker configure, sound setting
Basic operation of each audio mode

Setup ONEbox WiFi connection :
Direct connect your smartphone to ONEbox
Connect ONEbox via your home router

Setup ONEbox audio :
Speaker placement, surround calibration, room correction
NAS setup, TV surround mode setup

Build your favour sound :
Set stereo music sound timbre to fit your taste
Set surround sound effect in movie watch

Setup your surround :
Room size, Center speaker position, Subwoofer position
5.1.4 top speaker position, speaker group volume

Devices key operations :
ONEbox standalone key operation
Speakers and subwoofer key operation

Pairing speaker/subwoofer with transmitter :
Add speaker, add subwoofer, add transmitter
Change speaker position, recover lost pairing

USB 2.1/5.1 for iMac and WIN10
Prepare your PC for 5.1 sound, speakers setting
User operation and sound setting

APPs recommendation :
APPs for network play, DLNA audio streaming, server APPs
Music player for iOS and WIN10

Build a good sound
Setup tips, accessories, song file format, speaker placement

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