Natural sound is the best sound

Hearing is our second sense, sounds can give us senses. How a speaker deliver music sound to our eyes ? HD sound details is only fundamental requirement, more critial is how to give you sense of a live music, not a ‘dead’ recording. Our sound philosophy is to reproduce the sound as close to the way the artist intended it to be heard. Our speaker sound can bring you to a live show, connect you to performers.

Sound quality is our first priority. From micro size to bookshelf speaker, all ONEaudio speakers will always amaze you by its superior sound quality. Wireless compact speakers do not mean we have to sacrifice sound quality anymore ! ONEmicro is the only portable audiophile speaker in the world which can reproduce an accurate sound stage.

Our sound work is focus on fundemental sound engineering, remove errors, that is the way to have original music sound. What we have done :

Our ears can interpert sound object position and size by listening time slip of sound wave go to left and right eye. Only pair of stereo speaker can reproduce sound stage, left and right speaker must be in-sync and 2 speakers must be separated.

Our wireless speakers are closed to zero error channel synchronizated, left to right speaker, front to rear speaker, timing slide is less than 0.000 000 5S.

All speakers are separate, no electrical crosstalk and acoustic mixed up, excellent channel separation.

Use high order linear phase FIR filter, ensure woofer and tweeter are in-phase

Advance time correction mechanism can compensate woofer acoustic on-axis displacement down to 1mm, ensure woofer and tweeter never have sound wave turbulence.

Triple buffering to isolate dirty clock from audio source, together with a slow loop control on radio clock, audio clock jittering can be as low as 0.02ppm.

Ultra-low TIM distortion design ensure minimal overshooting. No sound processing can retain sound neutral.

Lossless air codec
64bit depth audio processing

Full digital design, from input end to speaker end is digital

No DAC, no analogy path to noise pick up

Reduce power supply corelation

Minimize microphonic effect

Bias on treble, sound is bright, but easy to get fatgile

Boost on bass, sound is energyic, hit up your mood, but you wil lget stress

Natural balacned is the best, can suit for all kind of music.

Passive crossover filter inside wired speaker induce destructive resistance, degraded damping control to speaker driver.

Remove passive crossover filter, use bi-ampliifer direct drive tweeter and woofer, high precision control to speaker diaphragm movement.  Key to have accurate sound. 

Speaker cable is killer of sound quality :
Resistive/Conductive loss reduce speaker dampng control
Transmission line effect create non-linear group delay
Skin effect attenuate high frequency tone
Noise pick up along the 2M wire
Inductive effect induce overshooting.

We don’t believe artificial sound processing can make a long lasting good sound. We believe fundamental sound engineering is the fact.