Build a better sound, you might need them.

Acrylic 600mm speaker stand

Perfect balanced sound character, in-between metal stand and wooden stand

  • Made for ONEclassic2 and ONEclassic3
  • 25/30mm acrylic, high polish surface
  • 220x300x620mm, 12Kg of each stand
  • Stainless steel anti-vibration spike with protection pad

Price : USD548 per pair


Aluminium speaker plate

Reduce secondary vibration on table top, give a clean mid-bass

  • Made for ONEmini and ONEmedi
  • 10mm aluminium, clean and gentle sound
  • 120x160x10mm, 550g for each plate
  • Stainless steel anti-vibration spike with protection pad

Price : USD60 per pair

Wooden docking

Turn ONEmicro orientation from vertical to horizontal, enhance surround effect

  • Made for ONEmicro
  • 66x66x18mm MDF
  • A set consist of 4 pcs single dock and 1 pc double dock (for centre speaker)

Price : USD24

Stainless steel anti-vibration spike

Work well with marble or hard wood plate

  • High hardness stainless steel, with protection pad
  • Diameter 24mm, height 27mm
  • A set of 4 pieces

Price : USD40

Bluetooth USB dongle

A thrid party Bluetooth addon device

  • Accessory for ONEbox.micro and Bluetooth plug-in function
  • Standard sound quality, stereo 48/16
  • Compatible with standard USB ram FAT format
  • Audio delay ~1.5s

Price : USD10

HiFi cable pack

We may love it if you are a HiFi enthusiast

  • High quality optical cable 1.8m
  • Gold plated micro USB cable 1m
  • Gold plated USB A-male to USB B-male 1.8m
  • 2A high current USB charging cable (with data function) x 2

Price : USD45