Throw away ancient technology !

Wireless audio design technique is in discrepancy with conventional wired audio, we give up ancient technology, apply new sound engineering concept, redesign a new generation audio system. We resolve wireless problems, keep wireless advantages, remove wired audio root problem, then build the ONEaudio sound.

Surround speaker poor in music play, music speaker poor in movie play, is it true ?

Different sound source has different sound character, good music sound is soft, dynamic surround sound is sharp, comfort TV sound is solid. People always said a surround AV set can’t play gentle music sound, a stereo audsio set can’t play exciting movie sound. Is it really no compromise ?

We can combine music sound, movie sound and TV sound in our speakers !

Each ONEaudio speaker has twin DSP and separated amplifiers for tweeter and woofer. All they are fully programmable. Different type of filter has differnet sound nature, we loaded several type of DSP crossover filter, mix and match to amplifier and driver characteristic, come out sound profile to fit different sound source. 

For sound quality, DSP crossover filter can remove tweeter to woofer phase error  which is conventional wired speaker sound killer. Apply separated amplifier direct drive to tweeter and  woofer can eliminate native analogue component to avoid sound nature characterization.

We can control every parameters to reproduce different sound timber. ONEaudio speaker sound character can be soft in music play, and it can be sharp in movie play. With smart switch function, speaker can auto switch its sound nature to adapt different sound source. Both music sound and movie sound are the best fitted, no sacrifice !

Static distortion THD can’t reflect sound quality

Most manufacturers focus on specification Total Harmonic Distortion, they always claim low THD device can reproduce good sound. That’s completely wrong !

Music is a very complicate signal, more instruement result to more complicate of signal. Static THD is  distortion measurement of a single sinewave tone. It can’t reflect dynamic distortion. In real listening, dynmaic distortion come from : TIM distortion, signal overshoot, slew rate response, audio pass band and phase shift in group signalling.

What we have done :  

Use DSP engine to run linear phase FIR filter for tweeter and woofer crossover. Gurantnee tweeter and woofer no phase error, vocal sound output on a 2-way speaker is clean and high clarity. Conventional wired speaker use passive crossover filter have inherent phase error result of distorted vocal sound.

Air movement point on tweeter and woofer usually has axial depth difference. Even small displacement as low as 1mm will cause sound wave distortion. Solution is insert time alignment between woofer and tweeter. We use DSP to componesate axial displacement and can control down to 1mm.

Generally, 2.1 audio set subwoofer bass is splitted by crossover concept. That is deep bass go to subwoofer and mid-bass go to main speaker, sound come to your ears are separated into upper layer and lower layer sound. Our bass management use merging concept. Subwoofer output deep bass with gradually decreased mid-bass. Main speaker and subwoofer bass is overlapped. Sound come out is in whole space, no layer separated. To obtain clear bass which is add up output at main speaker and subwoofer, time and phase managemnet is key of our technique.

Battery is the most clean power, the perfect power supply to speaker, never have noise pollution and have high instant current output. To breakthrough battery operation, speaker design must have high efficient output to reduce current consumption. How to build a low power consumption HiFi speaker ? That is our job.

Each speaker has separated amplifier for high freqeuncy band and low frequency band. They are direct connected to speaker drive to gt excellent damping factor. Many root prblems can be solved : 1. Energy loss on crossover filter 2. Reduce amplifier TIM distortion by narrow down 3. No analogue component distort sound nature 4. Accurate control speaker diaphragm with high damping factor.

Full digital singal path from source input to speaker output, eliminate all analogue component and no DAC is used. No analogue circuitry bring significant improvement : no noise pick up, no signal distortion on the path, no cable distortion and no microphonic effect.

Fine tune Operation System (Linux) to fit audio application : speed optimise program code, delete unnecessary software modules, re-allocate RAM usage, simplify signal flow, reduce data buffering as short as possible.

We are acoustic expert

ONEclassic is our flagship model. Its sound is natural and well-balanced. The transparent outlook is acoustic design challenge : no internal structure to divert standing wave, no absorption sponge to absorb harmonics turbulent, no strip line to reduce sound wave reflection, no woofer and tweeter partition chamber.

How to make it work ? We designed a golden aspect ratio cabinet, apply self-cancellation algorithm to remove internal reflection. Every acoustic parameters are implemented on DSP software. Acoustic phase alignment is controlled down to 1mm. Frequency response ripple is compensated down to +/-1dB.

Hardware circuitry keep as simple as possible, no bulky heat sink and big size analogue component.

ONEaudio’s high quality sound is built by software; not like conventional audio which is carry out by luxury component, expensive cable, over-specification amplifier and redundant accessories !

Equalizer is sound killer to tone balance,  we use low layer sound re-construction engineering to avoid tone balance loss. All sound details are retained, no artificial processing, the best sound quality.  

4 auto sound profiles switch to adapt different sound source :
Stereo 2.0/2.1 is natural immersive sound, wide sound stage
TV 3.1/5.1 is clear vocal sound, focused sound stage
Movie 5.1 is fast and dynamic, surrounding 3D sound
Radio is gentle sound, no hearing fatigue

4 user sound timbre for music play 2.0 and 2.1  :
Natural timbre is pure and clean, no sound processing, well-balanced sound
Clarity timbre is extend high frequency to compensate humen hearing loss, reproduce airy sound stage and penetrative sound
Vocal timbre is thicken on vocal sound, full bodied sound stage can be reproduced from a handy size speaker
Comfort sound is designed for over-processed sound source like Youtube and TV sound

3 user surround effect for movie play 5.1  :
Gentle effect is immersive surrounding sound, comfort and warm 
Balance effect is suit for all kind of movie, concert
Brilliance effect is high focus sound, exciting and with full dynamic