Throw away ancient technology !

Wireless audio design technique is in discrepancy with conventional wired audio, we give up ancient technology, apply new sound engineering concept, redesign a new generation audio system. We resolve wireless problems, keep wireless advantages, remove wired audio root problem, then build the ONEaudio sound.

Surround speaker poor in music play, music speaker poor in movie play, is it true ?

Different sound source has different sound character, music sound is soft, surround sound is fast, TV sound is high purity. A good surround AV set can’t play gentle music sound, a good stereo set can’t play exciting movie sound, no compromise ?

We combined music sound, movie sound and TV sound in single speaker !

Each ONEaudio speaker has 2xDSP, amplifiers are fully programmable, DSP crossover filter with bi-amplifier direct drive to speaker driver, and eliminate native analogue component to avoid characterization. We can control every parameters to reproduce different sound character. ONEaudio speaker sound character can be soft in music play, and it can be sharp in movie play. With smart switch function, speaker can auto switch its sound character to adapt different sound source. Both music sound and movie sound are the best fitted, no sacrifice !

Magic of small size speaker play big sound, breakthrough physical limitation

In a space limited living room or bedroom, a handy size speaker can perform as a floor standing speaker. ONEaudio speakers and subwoofers are build by strong enclosure in compact size, high efficient amplifiers, remove lossy analogue componet and optimize power consumptioin, deliver big soundstage sound no matter you are sitting in a small. We breakthorugh physical constraint, a set of tiny ONEmicro can reproduce high dynamic movie surround sound.

Speaker and subwoofer are one-piece forming, by metal or Epoxy. No jointing edge give the strongest body.

Speaker enclosure build by 4mm metal, hardness equal to 15mm MDF, more space for acoustic chamber.

High efficient air flow design to amplify low frequency response.

Advanced bass management technique, use ONEwoofer to play mid-low bass. Move mid-low bass from micro/mini speaker to subwoofer can allow speakers concentrate energy on mid to high tone.

Zero error time aligned speaker pair and subwoofer ensure no energy loss (or cancel out) in speakers sound merging.

All speaker driver are double magnet to provide more than enough capacity for dynamic sound, sound efficient can increase by 2dB.

An all-in-one firmware loaded on the simplest hardware, circuitry space is the minimum, energy redundancy is the minimum.

We are acoustic expert

ONEclassic is our flagship model. Its sound is natural and well-balanced. The transparent outlook is acoustic design challenge : no internal structure to divert standing wave, no absorption sponge to absorb harmonics turbulent, no strip line to reduce sound wave reflection, no woofer and tweeter partition chamber.

How to make it work ? We designed a golden aspect ratio cabinet, apply self-cancellation algorithm to remove internal reflection. Every acoustic parameters are implemented on DSP software. Acoustic phase alignment is controlled down to 1mm. Frequency response ripple is compensated down to +/-1dB.

Hardware circuitry keep as simple as possible, no bulky heat sink and big size analogue component.

ONEaudio’s high quality sound is built by software; not like conventional audio which is carry out by luxury component, expensive cable, over-specification amplifier and redundant accessories !

Equalizer is sound killer to tone balance,  we use low layer sound re-construction engineering to avoid tone balance loss. All sound details are retained, no artificial processing, the best sound quality.  

4 auto sound profiles switch to adapt different sound source :
Stereo 2.0/2.1 is natural immersive sound, wide sound stage
TV 3.1/5.1 is clear vocal sound, focused sound stage
Movie 5.1 is fast and dynamic, surrounding 3D sound
Radio is gentle sound, no hearing fatigue

4 user sound timbre for music play 2.0 and 2.1  :
Natural timbre is pure and clean, no sound processing, well-balanced sound
Clarity timbre is extend high frequency to compensate humen hearing loss, reproduce airy sound stage and penetrative sound
Vocal timbre is thicken on vocal sound, full bodied sound stage can be reproduced from a handy size speaker
Comfort sound is designed for over-processed sound source like Youtube and TV sound

3 user surround effect for movie play 5.1  :
Gentle effect is immersive surrounding sound, comfort and warm 
Balance effect is suit for all kind of movie, concert
Brilliance effect is high focus sound, exciting and with full dynamic