Speaker hanged up, hard reset my speaker

Press and hold speaker [-] key for 10 second, then charge up the speaker for 1 hour.

Take very long time to charge up my ONEmini, almost 20 hours !

ONEmini is go with a dual port USB charging cable. A 2A high rating USB adaptor can supply enough current to complete a full charge in 12~13 hours. If your adaptor is 1A output, charge time may increase to 20 hours.

I set my ONEmini power mode to standby, ONEmini suppose always in standby mode, some how ONEmini go to power off

ONEmini will stay at standby mode when it is locked with transmitter. In case if transmitter is switch off, ONEmini will search transmitter for about 10 minutes, then it will go to power off to save power. Please make sure the transmitter is always on.

How can I keep my speaker always standby ?

(1)  Always feed power to speaker, speaker will stay at standby mode.
(2)  For ONEmini and ONEmedi, you select power mode to Standby. Switch on speaker, short hold speaker [+] key to enter setup menu, go to power mode page, select “Standby” and press [-] to confirm.

Forgot ONEbox password, reset the ONEbox to factory setting.

Press [+] and [-], then plug-in power. Hold for 10 second, wait blue LED flash. ONEbox is rest and restart again, wait 70s for startup and all setting return to factory default.
After reset process complete, you will find ONEbox on WiFi of name “ONEbox****” or “ONEbox”.   

WiFi data streaming not stable

Try to put ONEbox close your router,
Try to connect your smartphone to 5G band to reserve more data bandwidth on 2.4G band for ONEbox
Try other WiFi channel in WiFi direct mode, suggest to use WiFi analyzer APPS to scan channel condition

Can't connect ONEbox to home router

Remove special characters in router name and password, e.g. Chinese character.
Collision on IP address with your home router. Check whether your home router are on same IP address (2017 version is

ONEbox is working unstable, usually need to restart

Poor power supply to ONEbox will lead to unstable operation. Please use high current 2A micro USB cable and a high rating (>1A) USB adaptor.

WiFi connection subben get worse, sometime show "Loss connection"

If your ONEbox is working well before and sudden go poor connection, try to restart your home router to clean up router internal log : unplug router power, wait a short moment and plug in power again. ONEbox will connect to router again.

I have forgotten ONEbox IP address, how to seek ONEbox ?

If your ONEbox is connected to router, you can’t see ONEbox’s SSID on WiFi network. You need to locate ONEbox’s IP address by : 
If your phone is Android, APPS “NetX” can help you to locate ONEbox’s IP address in your WiFi network.
If your phone is iOS, APPS “Fing” can help you to locate IP address. Or, you can open Safari and type ONEbox****.local.
If you have WIN10 PC, go to Control Panel -> network seacrh to get back IP address.

I have changed my router. What should I do ?

After you changed your router, restart ONEbox again. That time start up wil take 3-4 minutes until ONEbox can’t connect to your old router. Then ONEbox will go back to AP (Access Point) mode.
Use your smartphone, find ONEbox SSID name in WiFi network setup page. Connect your phone to ONEbox****. Open a browser, use IP to get into ONEbox home page. Then go to setup page, you will see old router connection info. Please touch [Remove] to clean up subscription.
Wait a short moment, setup your new router again.  

I have forgotten ONEbox device full name, how to get back ONEbox access ?

If your ONEbox is shipped on or before mid 2020, its default full name should be ” ONEbox**** “, the suffix 4 digits are serial number. If your ONEbox is shipped afterward, its default name is ” ONEbox “.
You can change ONEbox name. Go to setup page, second row is device name, touch [Edit] to change. Restart ONEbox again.
You may not may not see ONEbox in WiFi network, it depend on whether ONEbox is connected to router (if ONEbox connect to router, it is behind router and you can’t see ONEbox in WiFi device list). Two ways to get back ONEbox access :
(1)  Temporary switch off router, restart ONEbox and wait 4 minutes, you will see ONEbox on your smartphone WiFi device list.
(2)  Reset ONEbox to factory default, then setup router connection again. Remove ONEbox power, press and hold ONEbox 2 keys (press middle on light guide), power up and hold keys for 20 second until blue LED flash, wait 90 second until ONEbox complete reset process.

Suddenly smartphone can't access ONEbox, or browser show ONEbox is offline.

Firstly, try to restart ONEbox power to see whether ONEbox can connect to router, that will take around 5 minutes.
If your ONEbox loss router connection information, you will see ONEbox SSID at smartphone WiFi avaliable network.
If your ONEbox is connected to router (can’t see ONEbox SSID in WIFi avaliable network, your router may re-assign new IP address to ONEbox. You can seek ONEbox’s IP address by : 
If your phone is Android, APPS “NetX” can help you to locate ONEbox’s IP address in your WiFi network.
If your phone is iOS, APPS “Fing” can help you to locate IP address. Or, you can open Safari and type ONEbox****.local.
If you have WIN10 PC, go to Control Panel -> network search to get back IP address.

Subwoofer no sound output in stereo mode
  1. Check woofer is enable : in speaker setup page, audio routing of subwoofer is ON
  2. Check 2.1 mode pseudo LFE is enable : In sound setup page, turn on LFE output (each audio mode has corresponding sound setup page, make sure LFE on/off is setted as your setting)

Speaker page show ONEwoofer is unlocked
  1. Make sure your subwoofer is switched on
  2. If you have 2 transmitters, your subwoofer may lock to another transmitter

ONEwoofer report "Over loaded" when I use ONEwoofer USB port for ONEmini charging

ONEwoofer USB port is design for easy pairing and power supply to ONEbox.micro. You should not use ONEwoofer USB port for speaker charging.  Immediate plug out USB cable if you use it for device charging. 

TV only play LPCM stereo, no surround sound
  1. Set your TV digital audio output to “Bitstream” or “Auto”
  2. Set yout TV audio priority to “Optical”  (default is HDMI audio)
  3. Make sure your player audio output to your TV is surround, never use “LPCM” or “Down mixing enable”

Connect BluRay player video output to TV, player audio connect to ONEbox optical, but no surround sound

The BluPay player use TV stereo as default setting. 
* Set player audio output priority to “Optical”
* Set player digital audio output yo “Bitstream” or “Auto”

In TV virtual 5.1 mode, no sound on rear and center speaker
  1. Make sure the rear speaker and center speaker are power on.
  2. Enable TV 5.1 mode rear speaker and center speaker : In speaker setup page, on bottom is Audio routing, please enable TV 5.1 mode rear and center speaker.
Plug dongle into my notebook USB port, sound output still on my notebook

Change your notebook USB audio destination to “ONEdongle stereo”

  • WIN10, right click speaker icon, enter play device, select “ONEdongle stereo”; also set sample rate to 48/24, full range speaker
  • iOS, go to MIDI setup apps, select output to “ONEdongle stereo”, also set sample rate 48/24

Remember to switch on your speakers, otherwise ONEdongle will be disconnected with PC and you will not find ONEdongle in PC play device list.

I select USB sample rate at 44.1/16, but no sound output

ONEbox can’t support USB audio 44.1/16. Please change to 48/16 or 48/24. 

Plug-in ONEdongle into my PC USB port, orange LED should be stay on, but mine is not, why ?
  1. Make sure your speakers are switched on
  2. ONEdongle can only support USB2.0, most of high speed USB3.0 can backward compatible. Please make sure your PC USB port can 2.0, or plug in other USB port.
  3. If amber LED is blinking instead of stay on, it seem ONEdonlge is in pairing mode. That’s mean ONEdonlge can’t communicate with PC. Make sure the USB port is function, ONEdongle is well inserted into USB port.
Can't 'see' ONEbox in Playback Devices list
  1. Make sure ONEbox’s WiFi is connect to your home router. If your ONEbox is working at AP mode (direct WiFi), your smartphone WiFi  should connect to ONEbox****
  2. ONEbox is in standby mode or DLNA mode. For example, you can see ‘see’ ONEbox in playback device list if ONEbox is in optical mode. 

My iPhone use DLNA APPs to play song stored in iPhone internal storage, no sound

When you upload song files to iPhone, iPhone will convert file format to AIFF. ONEbox DLNA mode can’t support AIFF file, so no sound come out. Alternative ways :

  1. Use iTune to play AIFF format song and stream to ONEbox by AirPlay
  2. Block iPhone file conversion, keep original WAV, FLAC or MP3 format 
  3. Store song in external NAS server, use iPhone DLNA APPs to control play operation
Always get audio cut off

Usually due to crowded 2.4G network. Go to AirPlay sound setup page, use longer buffer (default is 0.25s).
You can well manage your WiFi network : (i) Connect smartphone on 5G WiFi network, (ii) use LAN cable to connect high data device. e,g, server, TV, (iii) switch your router to free WiFi channel 

Sometime my iPhone can't seek ONEbox in audio device list

Please put ONEbox to standby mode, restart you iPhone, and try again.

ONEbox can't read music files in USB RAM

ONEbox only support USB RAM formatted as FAT or FAT32. Never use NTFS and exFAT format.

Some music files are missed in song list
  1. ONEbox can only read root directory and first layer sub-directory. Please don’t put song files in second layer sub-directory.
  2. Some illegal file format (usually video file) will trigger ONEbox to locked state. Please make sure the USB RAM only has music file.
Speaker connection not stable, got interference from other radio devices
  1. Try to change DECT channel
  2. Check whether other DECT device is very close to speaker, mostly is DECT cordless phone base station, try to move it 30cm apart. 

My subwoofer sometime has audio interruption

Subwoofer has internal antenna located at bottom of the side with keys. Don’t face key button side to rear wall. Please try to face key side outward, providing direct path toward ONEbox.

I put ONEbox and speaker in pairing mode, wait 2 minutes then get time out fail ?

Please make sure :

  1. 2 speakers ( except single ONEmedi as centre) are in pairing mode, speakers and ONEbox are red/blue blinking
  2. 2 speakers are selected at same speaker position
  3. 2 speakers are the same model

I can’t pair speakers with ONEdongle.

Please make sure :

  1. ONEdongle only support speaker position on main and rear, don’t add speaker as center.
  2. ONEdongle must be in pairing mode, amber LED blinking indicate it is in pairing mode.

Plug your ONEdonlge in USB adaptor or USB power will put ONEdongle in pairing mode. Never plug ONEdongle in PC USB host port because ONEdongle will detect USB player and then work as audio play device.

How many transmitter can speaker be supported ? How to change speaker connection to another transmitter ?

ONEaudio speaker can support 3 transmitters include ONEbox.mini, ONEbox.micro and ONEdongle.

You can change speaker transmitter connection in speaker menu : the second page in speaker menu is change connection, enter the page and select connection type : auto or manual. In manual connection mode, you need to select which transmitter you are going to connect.

How can I change my speaker position ? Can I change speaker position by re-pairing ?

Yes, this is normal way to change speaker position. Re-pair your speaker on new position (main, rear, centre) and you will get speaker position changed.

Firmware upgrade tools report my speaker can't support newly released firmware

Old generation speaker (before 2018 Oct) loader can’t support new firmware because internal memory size is not enough. Old speaker should ship back to us for hardware upgrade in order to have bigger memory size for new firmware.
Please send enquiry to us : enquiry@oneaudio.com.hk

After firmware upgrade, speaker seen lock to ONEbox, but ONEbox show speaker is unlocked and no function

After firmware upgrade, no matter your speaker can lock to ONEbox, you must need to do pairing again, pairing include all speakers and subwoofer.