ONEbox.micro can’t fulfil your needs ? ONEbox.HQ is the solution.

ONEbox.HQ is build for HiFi enthusiast looking for high quality sound. Mininium sound processing, no addition and no deletion, enable ONEbox.HQ has well-balanced natural sound suit for all kinds of music play. It has AV decoder function to play HiFi quality movie surround sound. With ONEbox.HQ as console, ONEclassic and ONE flagship can enhance to top-end HiFi grade.

Stereo mode music source include DLNA network player, AirPlay, USB HD audio, CD player digital audio, streamer coaxial digital audio, and local USB ram. 
Surround mode source is on digial input port from Bluray player, set-top-box and smart TV.

Functions build in ONEbox.HQ is origanted from ONEbox.micro. To view full functions, please go to ONEbox.micro page.

The HiFi build

  • 6mm aluninium base board to give strong body holding
  • 4 pieces stainless steel anti-vibration spikes
  • Separate power regulator for each digital modules
  • Powerful engine : double of memory size, 30% faster DSP chip
  • Build for audio firmware : simple OS, simple signal flow, eliminate code redundancy
  • Lower radio transmission power, lower radio noise result to have clean sound stage
  • Better antenna design, longer range, more stable data transfer
  • Built by high quality audio componet

Power feeding

ONEbox.HQ powered by 5V 1A adaptor which is feed from DC jack. You can use either USB switching power supply or linear power supply. Audio grade linear power supply with regulator can improve sound quality to have smoothness vocal sound. Add a ferrite bead on power cable can reduce EMI noise in AC power. Suggested LPS rating is 5V 2A.

Don’t miss out internet radio

Radio station, BBC 3, deliver higher than CD quality music. A tailor make AAC decoder in ONEbox.HQ, together with signal upsampling to 192/24, ONEbox.HQ can play suberb classical music. Sound quality will surprise you. 

Music files in USB RAM 

Play music file stored at a plug-in USB ram is the best sound quality play mode. Without WiFi wireless audio streaming in DLNA or Airplay mode, and no data error in digital audio cable, you will hear the most clean and error free sound. Sound come out is analogue, warm vocal sound.

3 digital SPDIF port

  • Primary optical port (BD) is design for Bluray player and game console.
  • Secondary optical port (TV) is design for TV. It can play online movie 5.1 surround, Youtube watch on TV, TV broadcast Dolby 2.0 or LPCM. Once TV connection is detected on the port, stereo sound will upgrade to virtual TV 5.1 sound.
  • Coaxial SPDIF port (CD) is generally use in CD player and music streamer. Quality of digital coaxial will affect sound quality as well as sound nature, but it can reprodcue warmest sound. CD 44.1/16 audio go into ONEbox.HQ will upsampling to 96/24 and then transmit to wireless speaker. 

High integrated, all functions in one unit

12 user memories for each audio mode

Each audio mode has individual user memory. You set high volume at movie play, low volume at radio play. Next time you switch movie and radio will keep unchange.
12 audio mode are : DLNA, AirPlay, Surround 5.1 x 3, TV, CD/Streamer x 3, USB, music server and radio.


No APPs to install as it runs from any device with a web browser on your network.
With so many different platforms available we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to connect and control your system and also ensuring your security and privacy.
By simply entering the IP address of the ONEbox.HQ to any web browser connected to your network will allow you to quickly and easily control your ONEaudio system.
With intuitive icons and simple controls, you can quickly set your system the way you want it!

Quick start radio 

ONEbox.micro can operate standalone without smartphone. There is 5 keys on the top, 2 keys for volume up/down, 2 keys for radio station next/pervious, a key to start/stop audio. 

Supported speaker

ONEbox.micro can support up to 16 speakers or subwoofers. You can add speaker as you like. ONEbox.HQ can support :
Battery speaker : ONEmini
HiFi battery speaker : ONEmedi
Bookshelf speaker : ONEclassic
Floor standing speaker : ONE
Subwoofer : ONEwoofer.6+6, ONEwoofer.8+8

Technology packed features


Specification summary:

ONEbox.micro MK2 ONEbox.HQ
Apperance Size 80 x 80 x 20 120 x 120 x 36
Materials ABS ABS + Aluminium
Weight 125g 440g
Colour Black Black
key 2 keys, on front panel 2 keys, on top
Anti-vibration Rubber feet Stainless steel spike
Input & Output port RCA output Yes, LFE output No
Optical input DTS, Dolby, LPCM DTS, Dolby, LPCM
Coaxial input No DTS, Dolby, LPCM
USB audio input Micro USB USB B-female
USB ram port A-female, 100mA A-female, 200mA
Operation WebUI Yes, run on Chrome, Safari, Edge Yes, run on Chrome, Safari, Edge
Local key Yes, 2 keys operation yes, 5 keys operation
Smart operation Auto input, auto routing Auto input, auto routing
Power supply Feeding Port Shared on micro USB 2.1mm DC jack
Rating (USB) 5V 0.5A 5V 1A
Consumption standby/operate 1W/2W 0.5W/1.5W
Radio DECT Country EU, US, JP, Asian, SA EU, US, JP, Asian, SA
DECT power / range 14dBm / 10m 12dBm / 15m
DECT channel Auto scan 10 channels Auto scan 10 channels
WiFi band 2.4GHz, 1X2 2.4GHz, 2X2
WiFi range 6~8m 10~12m
Wireless sound track 6 +4 6 +4
Wireless speaker support 16 16
Music media connectivity DLNA on WiFi WAV 96/24, FLAC192/24 WAV 96/24, FLAC192/24
Airplay on WiFi Yes Yes
USB audio 2.0/2.1, 5.1 2.0/2.1
Optical port CD, TV, Blu-Ray, Set-top-box CD, TV, Blu-Ray, Set-top-box
Coaxial port No CD, TV, Streamer
Network player Yes, DMR Yes, DMR
USB RAM on USB host 4~32G, music server 4~32G, music server
BT dongle on USB host Yes No
Internet radio Normal audio High quality mode
Support speaker ONEclassic Main, rear Main, rear
ONEmedi Main, rear, centre Main, rear, centre
ONEmini Main, rear, centre Main, rear, centre
ONEmicro Main, 3D rear, centre, top Top speaker
Q-Bass Main, rear, LFE No support
ONEbass.3+3 Yes No
ONEwoofer.6+6 Yes, MK2 and MK3 Yes, MK2 and MK3
ONEwoofer.8+8 Yes, MK2 and MK3 Yes, MK2 and MK3
Flagship ONE No Yes
Sound processing Up-sampling interpolation Constant, Poly, Linear, Cubic Constant, Poly, Linear, Cubic
Surround effect Music, Movie, Vivid Music, Movie, Vivid
Sound enhancer Airplay, MP3 Airplay
2.1 LFE in stereo play Soft, Comfort, Strong Soft, Comfort, Strong
Bass filling technique Low, high No
Audio routing 5.1 to 5.1.2 Yes Yes
5.1 to 5.1.4 Yes Yes
TV 2.0 to 5.1 Yes, auto Yes, auto
2.0 to 2.1 Yes, auto Yes, auto
2.0 to 3D stereo Yes, 4 set 3D effect Yes, 4 set 3D effect
Stereo mode multi-zone 3 zone : Main, Rear, Center 3 zone : Main, Rear, Center
Remote speaker setting Select sound timbre Natural, Vivid, Vocal, Comfort Natural, Vivid, Vocal, Comfort
AIR+ 3D effect Studio, Room, Hall Studio, Room, Hall
Memory for user sound setting 10 14
Speaker setting Tweeter gain, group volume Tweeter gain, group volume
Subwoofer setting Sub level, on/off, setting Sub level, on/off, setting
Q-Bass setting Woofer level, routing Woofer level, routing
Volume control Master volume 0 ~ 60dB, 1dB step 0 ~ 60dB, 1dB step
Speaker group volume -24dB ~ +24dB, 1dB step -24dB ~ +24dB, 1dB step
Linked device volume USB, Airplay, DLNA volume USB, Airplay, DLNA volume
Setup/calibration tools Battery level monitor Yes Yes
Test speaker Yes Yes
Room calibration Small, Medium, Large Small, Medium, Large
Add speaker Yes, up to 16 speakers Yes, up to 16 speakers
Change DECT channel Auto, Manual Auto, Manual
WiFi setting Yes Yes
Firmware upgrade DECT module and SOC module DECT module and SOC module
AirPlay 44.1/48KHz, 16/24bit 44.1/48KHz, 16/24bit
SPDIF Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1, LPCM Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1, LPCM
USB stereo ISO, 96KHz 24bit ISO, 96KHz 24bit
USB 5.1 surropund ISO, 48KHz 16bit (6 channels) Not support