Versatile speaker

ONEaudio portable speaker can adapt to different functions. It can auto transform to different kinds of speaker :

  • Can be a music speaker having soft, immersive, airy sound
  • Can be a surround side speaker having sharp, fast, dynamic sound
  • Can be a surround centre speaker having warm rich vocal
  • Can be a TV speaker having focusing, clarity sound
  • Can be an outdoor speaker running at ECO low power mode
  • Can be network up a multi-speaker array

Mix and Match

All ONEaudio speakers are compatible. You can mix and match any speaker combine to a 5.1 set. You can upgrade a stereo set to surround set step by step. You can add higher model speaker as main speaker and put the old speaker as rear speaker. You can add 2 or more subwoofers if you love bass.

Speakers parameter are loaded in the console processor. You don’t need to calibrate, matching is automatic.    

Multi-zone and 3 individual stereo sets

ONEmicro 5.1 kit has 6 pieces of ONEmicro speaker. You can control stereo play zone : Main, Rear and Centre. You can reform to 3 individual stereo set. You can use main speaker and centre in your living room for TV and music play, detach rear speaker and reform a stereo set in your study room as a PC speaker (you need to have an ONEdongle as a transmitter for PC).

The Simplest Surround setup

Most surround set need to go through complicate calibration process. AV amplifier and speaker set usually not in kit, calibration for speaker volume level, speaker tone level, speaker phase and speaker position are critical.

ONEaudio surround sets are well prepared for you. Speakers parameters are stored in console processor and each speaker. Console processor can detect speaker combination and auto download parameters to your set.

Calibration is automatic, your set can play high sound quality without go for setup. For advance setting, you only need to do is to set speaker position :

  • Set rear speaker position  
    At rear speaker setting page : Small, Medium, Large, Open
  • Set the centre speaker position
    At centre speaker setting page : Behind, On line, Front
  • Set subwoofer position
    At subwoofer setting page : 0mS, 5mS, 10mS, 20mS
  • Set room correction
    Every speaker group has 7 levels to tune room acoustic, tuning factor are : sound absorption in your room, placement of speaker away from rear wall, size of your room
No wiring ! Setup an ONEaudio surround only in 3 minutes.

Smart routing

Console processor is a high intelligent device that can detect speaker in and out status. Sound routing and sound profile will auto change :

When you turn on subwoofer to play stereo music, low bass will move from main speaker to subwoofer.

When you turn on centre speaker to play TV sound, vocal sound will move from main speaker to centre speaker. Then turn on rear speaker, TV 5.1 mode create a virtual surround effect. 

When you turn off rear speaker to play surround movie, rear sound will move to main speaker.