Powered by battery

State of art battery managment technology – 100 hours play time

Battery is ideal power source for audio product. It is a clean power, free of noise and no hum noise induced. Lithium battery has high instant current, excellent load regulation, those are key factors to deliver punching sound.

Design a high efficient low voltage amplifier has lot of constraints. Our 5 years work get problems resolved, a low current consumption speaker can have high quality sound. We build the longest play time battery speaker ONEmini, it has 100 hours play time. 

  • Sophisticated battery management with isolated battery circuit. Battery is floating when speaker is power off, battery charge can keep for 3~5 years.
  • 10+ year battery life, Japan made long life battery guarantee battery capacity reduce by 20% after 300 charges. Assume ONEmini/ONEmedi charge every month, battery life will up to 20 years.
  • 4-phase charge mechanism to protect battery life, moderate charging by a standard USB 5V adaptor

You can keep speakers always charging, promising no damage to the battery. Speaker can be keep standby, no need to switch on/off the speaker.

Design philosophy

The simple is the best.

We believe simple hardware and software can retain the original sound nature, error-free signalling flow from source to speaker can reproduce the true music sound. Speaker should not colourize music, never shift sound balance, output the sound as of originate as possible. Sound should be come with the most natural, long listening without fatigue.   

  • Minimum signal processing
  • 32×32 64bit audio depth to retain every sound details
  • Error-free signal flow, avoid any error along signal path
  • Eliminate timing errors, ensure each speaker sound are absolutely in-phase
  • Minimum analogue component, reduce characterisation and colourisation
  • Take out unnecessary user features, keep the unit simple, sound be the pure
  • Simple hardware, single chipset approach, no handover issues
  • All-in-one firmware, remove redundancy, the clean path
  • No DAC chip, avoid noise pick up, simplify power distribution
  • Digital amplifiers and no heat sink, reduce microphonic effect
  • No bass boost by signal processing, use acoustic design to amplify bass

Build work

ONEaudio speaker can reproduce big sound stage. Big sound stage doesn’t mean a loud sound. Big sound stage is a rich, immersive and full bodied sound. Even play at low volume, music sound can fill up every corner in your room.

Our speakers are built with high end audio standard.

  • Metal enclosure, high hardness thin wall : small exterior, big interior
  • Single piece body, no joint; curve design, strong edge
  • Plastic rear wall to balance metal ‘cool’ sound
  • Weighty enclosure, stabilize speaker
  • Separated PCB housing and battery bay, isolate internal sound vibration
  • Small electronic board, reserve more space for woofer chamber
  • No sponge inside, no sound absorption
  • Silver coated pure copper speaker wire


All-in-one firmware

We developed all software module : wireless + sound + application

We developed all software modules : DECT protocol stack, WiFi interface, sound processing and hardware controller.  Software modules are combined to a single firmware, loaded in a single chip, and run on a multi-core processor.

The ONEdonlge is a standard USB audio device can support stereo and 5.1 surround. Very small in size, but it has highly concentrated and sophisticated firmware. It is a HiFi quality transmitter, just plug and play.