Separated main speaker and subwoofer combined in a cabinet

Q-Bass is an exceptional concept speaker combine 2-way main speaker and subwoofer. The build-in subwoofer is an independent speaker to output LFE channel in 5.1 mode. It will merge to main speaker channel as a low bass driver in stereo 2.2 mode, each subwoofer play L-channel bass and R-channel bass respectively. 

Q-Bass is a slim bookshelf size speaker, outlook is design for easy matching to TV. If you don’t has space for subwoofer, Q-Bass is your solution. A pair of Q-Bass 2.2 kit can bring you movie effect. Add a pair of portable wireless rear speaker, the 4.2 kit can bring you 3D surrounding effect. Go for full kit 5.1/5.3/5.4, you will experience earthquake bass !


Not a 3-way speaker

Q-Bass has 3 speaker driver but not a 3-way speaker. It is a 2-way speaker adding a separated subwoofer.

In stereo music play, the deepest audible bass is boosted up 4 times of power, your skin can feel bass shaking, but not having strong annoying sound pressure. Low bass 60-150Hz is kept at normal level to avoid over-biased on low bass result of losing tone balance.

In movie play, subwoofer will output movie LFE channel. LFE bass will come from 2 pieces of front speaker, or 4 pieces of front and rear speaker, deliver immersive movie bass surrounding you.

4 time boosted 4 pieces surrounding bass

Q-Bass is specially designed for bass lover. 4 times boosted bass deliver strong music beat in stereo play. Use 4 pieces Q-Bass to build a surround set can give 4X4 of total 720W movie deep bass surrounding you.

Universal for all purpose

Combine a 2-way main speaker and subwoofer, Q-Bass is universal for all kind of sound. Movie play has LFE effect. YouTube video play has boosted bass effect. Stereo play has strong music beat. Turn off SUB for TV watch.

Exquisite sound

DECT ultra audio sound will surprise you. Q-Bass has good stereo sound stage, high clarity sound image, full bodied vocal, powerful bass, well-balanced sound natural and full details accurate sound.

DSP engineering

Dual high speed DSP are core of sound engine. Complicated audio features will go true : different sound profile for different sound source, SUB dynamic routing, equalizing and up-sampler.    

Combine with ONEaudio speaker

Q-Bass is fully compatible with ONEaudio speakers, subwoofer and transmitters. Q-Bass can be main speaker or rear speaker in ONEaudio surround set. Q-Bass main speaker and subwoofer parameters are loaded in console, no worry on calibration and matching. All are done for you.


Subwoofer routing

You can set Q-Bass subwoofer output for 5.1 LFE channel, or as a bass boosted main speaker. If you don’t have SUB, Q-Bass subwoofer should be output 5.1 LFE channel. If you have SUB, you can set either 3 SUB (2 SUB in Q-Bass subwoofer) or 1 SUB with bass boosted main speaker. A full surround kit has 4 pieces Q-Bass, you can configure to 5.1 / 5.3 / 5.5 mode.


Q-Bass 5.4 mode

Main speaker Q-Bass SUB for LFE channel
Rear speaker Q-Bass SUB for LFE channel

Total 4 SUB in front and rear 

Q-Bass 5.1 mode

Main speaker Q-Bass SUB for L and R channel woofer
Rear speaker Q-Bass SUB for RL and RR channel woofer
ONEwooferfor LFE channel

Total 1 external SUB with 4 boosted bass surround speaker

Q-Bass 5.3 mode

Main speaker Q-Bass SUB for L and R channel woofer
Rear speaker Q-Bass SUB for LFE channel
ONEwoofer for LFE channel

Total 2 rear SUB plus 1 external SUB with 2 boosted bass front speaker

Q-Bass 5.5 mode

Main speaker Q-Bass SUB for LFE channel
Rear speaker Q-Bass SUB for LFE channel
ONEwoofer for LFE channel

Total 4 SUB plus 1 external SUB

No wiring trouble, no calibration

Q-Bass is wireless, no worry about wiring. Q-Bass is the simplest AV speaker set. Just plug and play, parameters are pre-set for you. Just 3 minutes can setup an AV set.

How to use ?

  • Pair of Q-Bass as a bass boosted stereo speaker for music play
  • Pair of Q-Bass as a AV speaker with 2 SUB for movie and TV
  • 4 pieces of Q-Bass for music play and 4 SUB movie play

How to connect ?

  • Connect to USB ONEdongle for PC stereo play and smartphone via adaptor cable
  • Connect to console processor ONEbox.micro for stereo, surround and TV play

Q-Bass in kit

Q-Bass 2.2 AV kit  :  main speaker
Q-Bass 4.2 lite kit  :  main speaker
Q-Bass 4.2.2 3D kit  :  main speaker
Q-Bass 4.4 pro kit  :  main speaker, rear speaker
Q-Bass 5.4 full kit  :  main speaker, rear speaker

Recommanded center speaker : ONEmedi or 2pcs ONEmini
Recommanded subwoofer : ONEwoofer.8+8
4.2.2 Top speaker : Pair of ONEmicro+

Innovative Technology :

Sound Features:

The Smart :

Build Work :

Specification summary:

Appearance Size 170x420x240 mm
Material High density fibre
Colour White, Black
Weight 16Kg / pair
Main speaker Output power 60W / pc (total power 160W)
Frequency response 52-28KHz
Amplifier resolution 96KHz / 24bit
Distortion @1KHz (input to output) 0.02%
Channel synchronization < 1uS
Audio master clock jittering < 0.2ppm
Subwoofer Output power 60W (dynamic 100W)
Frequency response 34-120Hz
SPL @45Hz 104dB
Speaker build Tweeter driver 25mm titanium
Woofer driver 5.25" paper cone woofer
Subwoofer driver 5.25" subwoofer
Enclosure (main speaker) Sealed
Enclosure (subwoofer) Ported, front opening
Linear regulator No
DSP chips 2
Wireless DECT channel EU, US, JP, SA
Receiver sensitivity -90dBm
Lossless air codec Standard, HQ
Features Sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity
Audio mode sound profile Stereo, Surround, TV
Stereo subwoofer mode 2.2, L and R build-in subwoofer
Left right balance Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
Tweeter gain Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
Subwoofer level Yes, 15 level, 1dB each
Subwoofer routing 5.1 LFE, 2.2 local
Speaker position Main Yes
Rear Yes
Centre No
Transmitter ONEdongle - HD Yes
ONEbox.micro Yes Yes, rear speaker
Control accessibility Via smartphone Yes, via ONEbox
By local key Yes, with voice guidance
Firmware upgrade Yes