What we think a modern audio set should be …

Good sound quality, simple operation, compact size, easy installation, multi-functional, …..  provide an all-in-one solution to cover daily use.

What we think a good sound sound should be …

Lively music, transport listener to a volumetric live show. Easy listening, high clarity and high sound image separation. Ultra-low distortion, long listening no fatigue. High fidelity, retain every music details. Well balanced sound timbre, cater for all kind of music and sound source.

Conventional audio technology definitely can’t fulfill today needs. It has remained stagnant for many years : high sound quality audio set is unafordable, simple audio set is poor in sound quality. Our design concept aim to have good sound quality, simple setup, affordable price, bringing the breath-taking experience to everyone.


Our concept of a wireless speaker should be :

… no speaker wire and no power cord

… all speakers are separated, left to right, front to rear, and subwoofer

… lossless transmission to retain every music details

… no audio disturbance, stable wireless link, no audio interruption

… battery operate, ultra-long play time to meet practical use

We don’t agree HiFi sound quality is built by luxury components. We believe high fidelity sound can be work out by an errorless sound engineering :

… no cable distortion – wireless

… no noise – full digital, never has noise pick up

… no loss – 32×32 64bit audio depth to retain every music details

… no signal errors – high precision signal flow, shortest signalling path

… no phase error – woofer to tweeter are absolutely acoustic in-phase

… no signal processing – the most natural well-balanced original sound

We made products are flexible, transformable and multi-functional :

… In a set, from stereo to surround, for music, movie, TV and game

… In a set, both indoor and outdoor

… Mix and match a set, any combination of basic and premium

… Transformable, detach sound set rear speaker to work as an individual stereo speaker

People think only floor standing speaker can play big soundstage. How a space limited room can listen big HiFi sound. We did, big sound can be played in small size speaker :

… increditable big soundstage from 2.1 set

… a palm size console box can replace an AV amplifier

… twin driver subwoofer can deliver deep bass as double of its size

… an USB dongle can manage 6 sound track 5.1 surround

… the mciro surround set is so small that you can put it on your study desk

Our product is design simple, easy, plug and play :

… simple setup, no amplifier, no CD player, no DAC, no wiring

… easy WebUI, no need to install APPs, fingertips operation, smart operation

… every connections are wireless, smartphone/PC/NAS to console box, console box to speaker/subwoofer 

… no need for intensive calibration, general parameters are pre-loaded in the system

… take out unnecessary features, make the device as simple as possible