Portable speakers, Portable subwoofer

USB 5.1 kit is the every devices cordless and wireless surround system. Transmitter is a finger size USB device with 6 audio channels capable for 5.1 surround play. Surround speakers are palm size micro speaker. Woofer is a portable brick size aluminium case installed with twin 3″ drive, it can be output of 5.1 LFE channel or stereo 2.1 bass.

It is a standard USB ISO audio device, no need to have installation of audio driver. It is 100% compatible to WIN10, iMac and player with standard USB audio output.     

Make for Youtube

Just plug-in the ONEdongle in notebook or PC, without any installation, you will hear an extraordinary sound from the 5.1 set. No matter music MV, movie, news, KOL presentation, …  all you hear will have totally different. Sounds go true and clear. You never have fatigue after long listening and video watch. The 5.1 set can upscale YouTube enjoyment 2-3 times !

Outstanding features, you can’t find in the market

USB ISO standard, no need to install audio driver, 100% compatible with all computer and USB audio devices.
6 separated channels for R, L, RL, RR, C, LFE. 6 speakers are separated, no interconnection and no bridging cable.
Woofer and surround speakers are no cabling : no speaker wire and no power cord.
Close to zero latency between transmitter to speaker. No lip sync problem.
Speaker and woofer are equipped with 2 x DSP.  It can provide accurate control on signal processing, time alignmnet, phase compensation and data error correction.
With dual woofer, 2 woofers will output LFE channel in 5.1 surround, movie bass come from 2 side with turn your room to theatre.
In 2.2 stereo play, woofers will be assigned to left woofer and right woofer. Left woofer output left channel bass and right woofer output right channel bass. You will hear a complete sound stage with excellent stereo effect.
Place ONEmicro pointing upward, this is for near field listening at small space or on desk. Put ONEmicro on dock pointing toward your ear, this is for far field listening cover room size up to 150 sq.ft.
All speakers and woofer are portable. You can use outdoor with operation time up to 20 hours.Perfect for garden party.

Gaming speaker, 5.1 game sound

The USB 5.1 set work on standard LPCM 5.1 interface, never has encode-to-decode compatibilty problem usually happen on Dolby/DTS format, guarantee game 5.1 sound come out to surround speakers. The ONEdongle can work on both iMac and WIN10. If your game console is Nintendo Switch, stereo game sound will upgrade to 4.1 3D sound.

For PS4 and PS5, upon PS4/5 firmware upgrade to USB audio 5.1 driver, the USB 5.1 set can output 5.1 game sound. 

The only solution support iMac/MacBook 5.1 audio

As of today, no external sound card can support iMac/MacBook 5.1 (6 channels) audio. Meanwhile, iMac doesn’t have optical port for Dolby/DTS output. No way to transfer iMac 5.1 sound to surround speakers.

The USB 5.1 set is the only solution can work on iMac 5.1 audio via USB port, no need to install audio driver, 100% compatible with iOS.

Starting from stereo set

The USB 5.1 set has very flexible configure. You can start from a stereo pair, then add a woofer to 2.1 set. If you are happy, add 3 pieces speaker upgrade to a 5.1 set.
If you want to have more bass from two sides, you can add second woofer to 5.2 set. 

Elements in the set :
5 x ONEmicro MK2    Go to product page
ONEdongle MK2   Go to product page
ONEbass.3+3   Go to product page

4 sound mode fit for different sound requirement in different source

You can select sound mode on speaker key :
Music sound  –  stereo and surround mode, for music play and concert watch
Movie sound  –  stereo and surround mode, for movie watch
Game sound  –  stereo and surround mode, deign for gaming by emphasised crisp sound  
Comfort sound  –  stereo mode, super clean vocal sound for dialogue and speech listening, comfort and no fatigue