ONEmedi 2.0 kit

$ 1,188$ 1,348

Wireless HiFi stereo speaker
For your living room, study room, bedroom

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Parts in the kit:

Common parts :
2 x ONEmedi
Alternative parts :
1 x ONEdongle
1 x ONEbox.micro

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  • Damage or missed item claim should be raised within 1 week upon receive the goods
  • 12 months for all units, parts and accessories under proper operation and storage
  • 30 months for battery defect of ONEmini and ONEmedi under normal operation
  • Unit defect on arrival or operate within 1 week, report us immediately. Defected unit will be replaced by a new unit
  • Product with adaptor or main power input, operation voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power plug support US, BS, EU, Japan, Australia, India  (default as shipping country)
  • DECT channel support US, EU, JP, ASEAN, ROW  (default set to shipping country)
  • WiFi channel 2.4GHz Channel 1~11  (default set to channel 7)
  • Portable speaker charge by standard USB 5.0V micro plug

ONEmedi - wireless battery HiFi speaker

Size  :  212(w) x 90(h)  x131(d)   mm

Weight  :  4.4Kg / pair

Colour  :  Silver/Whie, Silver/Black

Orientation  :  Vertical or Horizontal

Output power  :  16W / pair

Freq. response   :  52-36000Hz

Design  :  2-way 3 drivers, rear bass reflector

Driver  :  20mm titanium tweeter and 80mm full range woofers

Audio mode  :  Stereo, surround, vocal, TV

Position  :  Main, Rear, Center

Play time  :  80 hours or 40 movies watch

Charge time  :  12-14 hours by 5V 2A

Country  :  EU, US, JP, SA, ASEAN, ROW

Transmitter  :  ONEdongle, ONEbox.micro,

Max. transmitter  :  3

ONEdongle - USB audio transmitter

Size  :  35 x 18 x 8 mm

Materials  :  Metal case

USB audio : Standard ISO 48/16, 48/24

Audio mode  :  Stereo 2.0/2.1

Support speaker  : ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi, ONEclassic, Q-Bass

Support SUB  :  ONEwoofer.5+5, ONEwoofer.6+6, ONEwoofer.8+8

Max. speaker  :  16

Country  :   EU, US, SA, JP, ASEAN, ROW

Power supply  :  From USB port, 5V 0.1A

ONEbox.micro - Console processor

Size  :  80(w) x 20(h)  x 80(d)  mm

Weight  :  125g

Colour  :  Black, White

Radio  :  WiFi 2.4GHz, DECT 1.9GHz

Input port  :  WiFi, Optical, micro USB, USB host

Support speaker  :  ONEmicro, ONEmicro+, ONEmini, ONEmedi, ONEclassic, Q-Bass

Support SUB  :  ONEwoofer.5+5, ONEwoofer.6+6, ONEwoofer.8+8

Audio mode  :  Stereo 2.0/2.1, TV 2.0/5.1, Surround 5.1/5.1.2/5.1.4

WiFi audio  :  AirPlay, DLNA, Network player, Internet radio

Optical audio  :  Dolby/DTS 5.1, TV Dolby 2.0, LPCM 48/16, CD 44.1/16

USB host   :  USB RAM music server, Bluetooth plug-in

Micro USB  :  USB audio 48/24, 96/24

Power input  :  5V 1A  from USB adaptor, Notebook, TV USB port, ONEwoofer USB port

Country  :  EU, US, JP, SA, ASEAN, ROW

Max. speaker  :  16