Q-Bass : Wireless 2-in-1, movie bass without separated subwoofer

Subwoofer in movie play is MUST, without subwoofer LFE bass no tension in movie watch. If you only have limited space, how to setup a surround without subwoofer ?

Q-Bass is the solution, a bookshelf size speaker combine main speaker and subwoofer

Q-Bass is the most easy AV surround set – no cabling, no speaker placement problem, no complicate calibration, no bulky amplifier and it is all-in-one multifunctional. Q-Bass are flexible to build your AV set, starting at a pair of Q-bass 2.2 basic AV set,  add 2 rear portable speaker to surround 4.2 set, to full set 5.4 with wireless centre speaker.
Q-Bass not only feature as surround set, its stereo music sound is out of your imagination. 

2-in-1 speaker, what’s new ?

  1. Separate sound track, upper 2-way speaker is for main channel, lower woofer is for LFE channel
  2. Wireless, no speaker cables and no bridging cable
  3. Smart routing subwoofer, LFE channel in movie play, bass boost in stereo play
  4. 4X4 super bass, 4 pieces Q-Bass subwoofer delivery immersive movie bass
  5. Inbuilt smart operation, all parameters have been well-tuned, no more difficult setting-up and blending of main speaker and subwoofer to be done.

The 2-in-1 concept is simple, why no such product in the market ?   

Today, almost all Hi-Fi grade speakers are wired. Think of the mess when the 2-in-1 concept is applied on wired speakers. You need to have 2 pairs of cable connection (one for main speaker and one for subwoofer). Next is subwoofer amplifiers, no way to hide it up. 

The solution is to go wireless. Regrettably, existing wireless technology WiFi and WiSA are unable to keep the Left, Right and Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channels in sync, always has time error between channels result in blurred and boomy bass. The problem is further worsened in the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz/5 GHz frequency band.

Q-Bass works on DECT 1.9GHz wireless platform. DECT’s accurate timing characteristic enables channel synchronization to be performed in less than 0.000001 sec. This close to zero-error transmission means clearer, more accurate sound at all frequency ranges. Transimtter to speaker and subwoofer is wireless, this is key of 2-in-1 solution.  

Q-Bass is not another 3-way speaker : subwoofer is the difference    

Q-Bass is an innovative speaker combining a 2-way main speaker with a subwoofer in one cabinet, which is very different to a traditional 3-way speaker (tweeter, mid-range and woofer).  

They differ very much in reproducing a 5.1-channel movie soundtrack. The soundtrack consists of 5 discrete full-range surround channels, plus a LFE channel. In contrast to the main channels, the LFE channel delivers bass-only information. The subwoofer’s role is two-fold: it supplies both the missing low end for bass-challenged main speakers as well as the LFE channel. A 3-way speaker, without a subwoofer, is incapable of delivering that LFE bass, a major flaw in a 5.0 system.  

Now, watch and listen to how the wind is sweeping the snow from left to right in the following video clip. See how Q-bass gives you the different layers of bass sound. You can see the speaker driver movement from the L woofer (upper driver) to R woofer and then subwoofer (lower driver).

Stunning bass sensation : 4 times the bass, superior to a 3-way speaker    

Unlike the 3-way speaker which only produces a flat frequency response, Q-Bass is bass-boosted with 4 times the bass power: 360W instant power output from a pair. For an even more electrifying bass experience, go for 4 pieces of Q-Bass in the surround setup. Rest assured you’ll be thrilled !

Combine with your subwoofer or add a wireless subwoofer     

For more powerful bass effect, simply add your wired subwoofer (connect to ONEbox.micro LFE output port) or wireless ONEwoofer to the Q-Bass set. You can free to change Q-Bass subwoofer routing, assemble a 5.1/5.3/5.5 set as you like.

Q-Bass 2.2 AV kit

          Q-Bass x 2, ONEbox.micro
          360W dynamic power output

Q-Bass 4.2 lite kit

          Q-Bass x 2, ONEmini x 2, ONEbox.micro
          370W dynamic power output, TRUE wireless ONEmini on rear

Q-Bass 4.4 plus kit

          Q-Bass x 4, ONEbox.micro
          720W dynamic power output, 4pcs subwoofer 360o surrounding

Q-Bass 5.4 full kit

          Q-Bass x 4, ONEmedi, ONEbox.micro
          720W dynamic power output, 5.1 surround with 4pcs subwoofer surrounding

Speaker enclosure is made of 15mm-thick MDF. Main speaker and subwoofer chamber are in separate acoustic chambers to avoid sound-mixing. 

Main speaker
 is 2-way design with a 5.25” mid-woofer and a fibre dome tweeter in a sealed enclosure.

 driver is a 5.25” double magnet woofer in a ported enclosure. The bass reflex-vent is multi-pathed to extend the air tube length. The subwoofer’s air opening is at the front to generate a focussed and stronger bass and for easy placement, no problem with placing the speaker close to the wall. 

Electronics board
 is mounted in a separate housing. Partitioning each block is critical for good sound quality. It is a full digital circuit with no DAC chip and no analogue component, which mean we don’t have to transform the signal from digital to analogue, this minimizes noise pick-up and the microphonic effect.  

3 x Class D amplifiers
 on board, direct drive to tweeter, woofer and subwoofer. Class D amplifier is used for a much better sound quality at minimal heat generation, doing away with the bulky heat sink.

2 x DSP
 to run 300 million calculations per second. This allows our engineers to implement high order signal processing algorithms for the speaker. Special sound features have been put in the speaker: sound profile, character, HD enhancer, subwoofer bass effect, acoustic phase correction and time alignment.