World’s only 5.1 TRUE wireless surround, small size big sound

ONEmicro 5.1 is the most advance technology audio set. It brings a total new user experience, breakthrough HiFi audio technology limitation, redefine wireless speaker possibility.

  • TRUE wireless from 2.0 to 5.1, no power cord and no speaker cable
  • Interference free 1.9GHz DECT channel, no audio interruption, the best wireless sound
  • No lag, movie play audio and video are in-sync
  • Micro size speaker can play unbelievably big sound stage
  • HiFi sound quality in a handy size stereo speaker

It is a feature rich audio set cover your daily use. It can be a single set 2.0 to 5.1, it can be 3 sets of stereo, it can be outdoor speaker network. Every charge can give handy size speaker 20 hours play time, you don’t need to worry about battery charge, or you can always plug the power in. You can mix and match ONEmicro speaker with ONEaudio wireless speaker, you can free to do speaker upgrade pair by pair.

Unbelievably powerful surround from a small body  

The collection comes with 6 ONEmicro speakers, 2 pieces micro speaker for center channel, and a wireless subwoofer as well as the palm sized console processor ONEbox.micro. With 6 ONEmicro wireless speakers, you can place these anywhere in your space with prefect channel separation and not be hindered by any wiring whatsoever!

HiFi design in compact body

By using a cast iron body, we have created a small speaker with an unbelievable full bodied sound and well-balanced sound stage. This weighty speaker can produce a secondary layer of bass effect produced by the 48mm full range neodymium magnet driver with outer bass radiator producing a frequency response from 68-22000Hz.

Inside is a high integrated hardware consist of DECT SOC and dual DSP, to run 4x up-sampling to reproduce airy crisp sound. You can combine 6 speakers as a surround set, or split into 3 set of stereo, or put them at the corner to create AIR+ 3D sound, or parallel up to form a speaker array indoor and outdoor for your garden party. You may find out more way to use, ONEmicro is an incredible features rich speaker.

ONEmciro is HiFi sound quality design. It is the smallest audiophile stereo speaker that can reproduce excellent stereo effect. Work with subwoofer as a 2.1 system, or adding pair rear ONEmicro as a 2+2.1 3D sound system, you will surprise by its sound stage and full bodied vocal. ONEmicro can play very well on jazz and Mozart chamber orchestra.

Fit your needs

Put ONEmicro on wooden docking can turn ONEmicro speaker orientation from pointing upward to horizontal. Keep rear speaker pointing upward to reproduce sound space and turn front speaker to horizontal is the optimized placement in AIR+ 3D sound.

ONEmicro has high efficient and ultra low current consumption design. Each 3-4 hours charge can give 20 hours play time, switch to ECO mode can extend play time to 25 hours. You need to charge speaker once a week, or charge every 1-2 month if you use them for movie watch. Battery life time will be 3~5 years. 

Deep bass with quality and quantity

Low frequency effect (LFE) bass in movie watch can bring out thrilling effect. The kit go with a compact size wireless subwoofer ONEwoofer.6+6. You don’t need to worry about placement and wiring. It can delivery quantity deep bass to cover movie different layers of bass, and can reproduce clean quality bass for stereo 2.1 music play.

ONEwoofer.6+6 is made of Epoxy. Epoxy is an expensive material widely use in kitchen bench top, it is high hardness, single piece no joint, mean the strongest body to sustain subwoofer high sound pressure. Twin 6.5” driver in a sealed enclosure output 180W peak power.


Wide frequency response 30Hz on low side output deep bass, 480Hz high frequency reproduce punchy and fast bass. Two side drivers are installed back to back, not only output 2 times of power, the construction can cancel out vibration. You can put the subwoofer on table top or at a corner, either facing the driver outward or turn it to side is okay.

Our proprietary bass-filling technique is a very advanced bass management. Thanks to ONEwoofer.6+6 has very wide frequency response up to 480Hz, it is not only use to output deep bass, it can use to fill up ONEmicro speakers mid-low bass. With bass-filling is enabled, male vocal sound is rich and full bodied. Deep bass layer, low bass layer and mid-low bass layer are equally fill up your room.

Heart of the surround, the console processor

The ONEbox.micro is the console processor in the surround set. It is highly integrated with AV amplifier function but in a handy size box.

  • Dolby/DTS decoder, output true 5.1 sound track
  • WiFi wireless audio, support AirPlay and DLNA
  • Support network player function, stream your NAS server’s song
  • Support up to 16pcs speaker, free to parallel up on each channel 
  • Top class up-sampling for HD sound
  • Local media server 4~32GB RAM plug-in
  • Internet radio
  • Smart function, routing, preloaded parameters

You can get smartphone access the ONEbox.micro without install APPs. A web browser control give a simple way to access on your fingertip. You can setup a surround set by few steps in 3 minutes. Most of surround setup is preloaded by default, you can make fine tuning and calibrate your set prefect fit to your room. All can be done at your smartphone.

Under the light guard is 2 switches. You can operate the ONEbox.micro without smartphone. Press switch will have voice guidance to help you to complete the operation.

ONEbox.micro is powered by standard USB power 5V 1A. You can get power source from adaptor, or notebook USB port, or TV USB port.

Experience stereo soundstage on the TRUE stereo wireless speaker

Soundstage is human perception of sound object position and its size. Music with soundstage can give you musicality. All our speakers pair are separated, without left to right and front to rear speaker timing error, which can reproduce the real sound stage.

More than surround, it is a HiFi system

Each ONEmicro speaker equipped with 2 DSP, audiophile grade component and HiFi grade speaker driver. Audio signal depth is HiFi standard true 32bit and sampling frequency is scale up to 96KHz. ONEmicro’s sound is pure and natural, full of details with airy crisp tone, no biased towards the treble or the bass. You no longer have to strain your ears and get exhausted after long listening.   

NO wires +  

NO AV amplifier + 

NO streamer + 

NO interference + 

NO complicate settings + 

NO APPs by WebUI

A New Sensational Surround Experience

Audio mode

  • TRUE 5.1 wireless surround, support Dolby, DTS, DTS-HD
  • TURE wireless stereo, support WiFi audio, USB audio, optical, local music server, network player
  • TV 3.1 audio, support LPCM and Dolby 2.0
  • AIR+ 3D music play, create a sound space beyond your room size
  • Speaker networking, support up to 16 speakers with 3 zones control
  • Sleep mode, gradually decrease volume to minimum and stop play after 3 hours
  • Outdoor speaker, use ONEdongle as transmitter connect to smartphone or notebook


Sound features

  • 4 sound character : Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort
  • 5 audio sound profile : Music 2.0, Pop 2.1, Movie 5.1, TV 3.1, Radio
  • Up-sampling interpolation : Constant, Poly-phase, Linear, Cubic
  • Surround sound effect : Vivid low, Vivid high
  • Pseudo LFE for stereo : Soft, Comfort, Strong
  • 3D effect : Studio, Room, Hall


Sound setting

  • Speaker setting : Tweeter gain, Left right balance, Group volume
  • Subwoofer setting : Delay, Cut off, Polarity
  • Room size calibration


Source of sound input

  • iPhone/iPad AirPlay wireless WiFi audio
  • Android / WIN10 DLNA wireless WiFi audio
  • iMac / WIN10 standard USB audio 96/24
  • Blu-Ray / Set-top-box surround 5.1 audio on optical port
  • TV 2.0/2.1/5.1 audio on optical port
  • CD player digital audio on optical port
  • Local music server on USB RAM plug in USB host port
  • Network player by DLNA, support WIN10, Plex, Linux
  • Internet radio
  • Bluetooth audio by BT dongle plug in USB host port


Smart operation

  • Smart input – auto scan for active input and make connection
  • Smart sound profile – auto switch sound profile to fit for different sound source
  • Smart routing – auto detect speaker on/off, route down mixing or up scaling audio to speakers
  • Smart control – smartphone control by web browser access
  • Smart transformation – split into 3 pair of stereo


Battery operation

  • 20 hours play time (or 5~6 movie at high volume), 4 hours charge time
  • Auto power off after 15 minute idle
  • Stay at standby mode when speaker is connected to USB charger (long feeding power)
  • Low battery warning when power on, visual indication by blinking red LED



  • DECT 1.9GHz channel, support EU, US, JP, SA, Asia
  • LFE output on RCA port for external active subwoofer connection
  • Support cross model speaker mix and match, support speakers paralleling
  • On-site firmware upgrade