HiFi AV set is the most compact HiFi AV, teh most space saving, which is perfect for small apartment, study room or bedroom. The palm size unit has function compatible to an AV amplifier. It performs far beyond its size. You will be surprised by its high end HiFi sound and highly integrated function. It takes care of your daily needs in every occasion.

It is the only HiFi system equipped with true wireless 5.1 surround in the world. DECT wireless audio is the best in sound quality which can even beat those high end HiFi systems. Surround side speakers and subwoofer are wireless, speaker placement is easy and tidy, improving the overall aesthetic of your room. 

We designed all the things into it which takes care of everything, from stereo to surround, from personal to family gathering, from indoor to outdoor. is all you need.

Truly all-in-one audio unit, compact and wireless

We give up ancient technology, use an innovative design concept to build a truly all-in-one audio unit to cover your daily use, easy to install, simple to operate, excellent in sound quality you never experience in home grade audio product. You can use your smartphone to play HiFi sound. You don’t need to have a professional acoustic room, you can listen a real 3D sound, enjoy 5.1 surround from your online TV, play HiRes music in your NAS server, etc..

Amazing HiFi sound in compact audio unit

  • Built by bi-wire and bi-amp with DSP crossover, giving zero phase error drive to woofer and tweeter, deliver the accurate and seamless vocal sound. Imaging, dynamics, bass, treble, mid-range clarity, realism, every single aspect of sound quality in music will be drastically improved.
  • Speaker enclosure is build by single piece 4mm aluminium, install with a high dynamic 68mm driver, driven by 4 amplifiers with total 240W output. reproduce unbelievably big soundstage, just like a mini bookshelf HiFi speaker.
  • has wide frequency response with low bass down to 55Hz, you can experience full bodied instrumental sound on a mini size speaker.  
  • Titanium tweeter give 36KHz -3dB response and can reach up to 48KHz, reproduce ultrasonic harmonic tone for playing violin and piano. 
  • Build-in top class up-sampling interpolation up convert audio to 192/24. By retaining ultrasonic harmonics, violin and piano sound lively. AirPlay and Spotify lossy sound is being enhance to HD sound quality.
  • is a revolutionary design. From input to output, the whole signal path is fully digital, resulting in no noise pick up and no analogue component distortion. This gives you a clean and pure sound.
  • We use the fundamental principle of sound engineering to design The simpler, the better. We insists in the minimum signal processing, no addition and no deletion, in order to give you the most natural sound. As our audio design is completely different from conventional speaker, we don’t use equalizer to configure the sound, equalizer will kill sound quality.
  • Without the main speaker wireless function, data rate can be fully utilized for surround side speaker. Centre speaker and rear speaker has double of data rate. You will enjoy a better and more details surround sound.  
  • Bi-wire + Bi-amp, DSP crossover
  • Silver coasting pure copper speaker cable
  • Gold paint speaker binding post and plugs
  • Titanium tweeter, high dynamic woofer
  • 3xDSP, 1000MIPS to run top class up-sampler
  • German made high quality audio capacitor
  • 10mm aluminium board on top and bottom, vibration damper and EMI shielding
  • Anti-vibration spike, with stainless steel

Why Bi-amp + Bi wire? What’s the benefit ?

  • No passive crossover filter : no distortion, no power lost, no degrade damping control 
  • Use high precision linear phase FIR filter, woofer and tweeter are perfectly in phase, clear and clean mid-frequency which is the most sensitive in our ears
  • Separate speaker cable for high frequency and low frequency to eliminate the cable skin effect
  • No component aging and tolerance in passive crossover filter 
  • Independent control of woofer and tweeter sound parameters to reproduce different sound characters

In, we use 2 amplifiers and 2 pairs of speaker cable for each channel to drive woofer and tweeter. Low frequency amplifier is designed for high current driving; high frequency amplifier is designed for fast response and low distortion. Two kinds of amplifiers are dedicated to the woofer and tweeter which is a perfect audio configuration.

The best combination of wired and wireless

We have technique to build full wireless set. However, we know full wireless is not the best combination. can be extended to a 5.1 set which combines wired and wireless speaker :

  • ​Main speaker – always standby for everyday use, by wired connection
  • Side speaker – easy to tidy up which gives maximum flexibility, by wireless connection
  • Subwoofer – easy placement and support paralleling, by wireless connection

​Side speaker is wireless, you can use them in your garden when you have a friend party, music sound can cover indoor and outdoor. Side speaker can be detached from, and connect to your smartphone by USB dongle, then you can take them to camp site. Or, you can split the wireless speaker to form another set of speaker use in your bedroom.

Network player + Local music server is a high sound quality network player. It is build-in top class up-sampling interpolation can convert 44.1/16 WAV file to 192/24 HD format. Music media storage DMS can be your NAS server, your notebook or local music server.

Local music server is self-storage without data streaming, this is the best sound quality source. Storage is on external USB RAM of size 4~32GB. It can support HiRes music files FLAC 192/24 and  WAV 96/24. You can access local music server by key operation, remote smartphone, or as a network DMS. kit combination 2.0 kit
Wired mini speaker x 2 2.0 3D kit
Wired mini speaker x 2
Wireless ONEmicro x 2  (AIR+ 3D rear) 2.1 kit
Wired mini speaker x 2
Wireless ONEwoofer.6+6 5.1 kite kit
Wired mini speaker x 2
Wireless ONEmicro x 2  (rear)
Wireless ONEmicro x 2  (centre)
Wireless ONEwoofer.6+6 5.1 pro kit
Wired mini speaker x 2
Wireless ONEmini x 2  (rear)
Wireless ONEmedi x 1  (centre)
Wireless ONEwoofer.8+8

Source of input:

Output configure :

  • 2 wired main speaker
  • 2 wired main speaker with wireless subwoofer
  • 2 wired main speaker and 2 wireless rear speaker (AIR+ 3D setup)
  • 2 wired main speaker, centre speaker and wireless subwoofer
  • 2 wired main speaker, 2 wireless rear speaker, centre speaker, wireless subwoofer