Pairing guide

Pairing guide, pair speakers to transmitter

Why you need to pair your speakers or subwoofer :
  1. Add new speakers or subwoofer to your set
  2. Change your speaker position, e.g. move front speaker to rear speaker
  3. Add a new transmitter, enable your speakers capable to connect to 2 transmitters
  4. After speakers firmware upgrade, you must need to pair speakers to transmitter again
  5. Speakers accidential loss pairing or speakers subscription is removed, redo speaker pairing
Devices pairing capability :
  • Each speaker or subwoofer can support up to 3 transmitters
  • Each transmitters can support up to 16 speakers and subwoofers
  • Main, Rear, Top speaker pairing is in PAIR; Subwoofer is single; Center speaker can be in pair or single
  • After pairing, speakers’ setting will be reset to default.

Pairing procedure :

Step 1 : Put first speaker in pairing mode, and assign speaker position 
Step 2 : Put second speaker in pairing mode, and assign same speaker position
Step 3 : Put transmitter in pairing mode
Step 4 : Wait 20~60 second to complete pairing
If pairing is success, speaker group will shown on web control speaker setup page.
Remark : Center speaker or subwoofer allow pairing in sinlge, you can skip step 2.

2 transmitters in your set :

Follow pairing procedure to add your speakers (or partial group speaker in your surround set) pair with second transmitter. After pairing to new transmitter is completed, speaker will connect to seoncd transmitter. If you want to switch connection back to primary transmitter, you need to change speaker connection :

  1. Turn on speakers and keep speaker in standby mode
  2. Long press [+] key to enter menu setup, press again [+] to “Change connection” page, press [-] key to enter page
  3. Select connection type by press [+] key, you can choose : Auto connect, Manual connect to ONEbox, Manual connect to ONEdongle
  4. Press [-] key to confirm selection. You will hear “Searching”.
  5. Do connection change on another speaker from step 2 to 4.
If speakers success to connection to transmitter, you will hear “Connected to xxxxx”. If search fail, connection will go back to pervious transmitter.
If you select “Auto” connect, speaker will automatic search avaliable transmitter. Beware if you have 2 transmitters present, speaker may faulty connection to random transmitter.

Switch your speakers to pairing mode

Power on your speaker, keep your speaker in standby mode (not playing music)

  1. Long press [+] key to enter setup menu, you will hear “Report status”
  2. Press [+] key 5/6 times to reach “Pair speaker”, press [-] key to enter pairing menu, you will hear “Ready to pair”
  3. Then “Please select speaker group”, press [+] key to select speaker group : Main, Rear, Center, press [-] key to confirm 
  4. You will hear “Pairing” and red/blue LED toggle. Speaker is in pairing mode (last for 2 minutes)
  5. Next to switch another speaker to pair mode (pair of speaker in pairing mode)

Remark : Pair speaker must in pair, otherwise you will get fail in pairing.

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Switch your subwoofer to pairing mode

Power on your subwoofer and keep it in standby mode (not playing music)

  1. Long press [+] key to enter setup menu, you will hear “Report status”
  2. Press [+] key 4/5 times to reach “Pair speaker”, press [-] key to enter pairing menu, you will hear “Pairing”
  3. Subwoofer is in pairing mode , red/blue LED toggle (last for 2 minutes)
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Switch your ONEbox to pairing mode 

Keep your ONEbox in standby mode or sleep mode, 2 ways to enter pairing mode :

A. Press and hold left key (Vol- key) for 3 second, wait red/blue LED toggle

B. On WebUI home page, touch [speaker] button, then touch [Add speaker] button, press [OK] to confirm pairing 

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Switch your dongle to pairing mode

Just plug your ONEdongle into USB power device, e.g. USB adaptor or USB power bank.
Amber LED will start blinking indicate the ONEdongle is in pairing mode.
Remark : Plug ONEdongle in USB player device (PC or set-top-box) will setup connection with ONEdongle and PC, ONEdongle will not enter pairing mode  and you can’t make pairing.

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Easy pairing for fresh speaker or subwoofer pair with ONEbox

If your speaker/subwoofer is new or jsut complete firmware upgrade (without pairing information), speaker/subwoofer will auto enter pairing mode when power on. You will hear “Pairing”.

Power up ONEbox, ONEbox will be stayed at pairing mode in first 45 second. If new speaker is available for pairing, ONEbox will make pairing and auto assign speaker group. Speaker group assignment sequence is Main → Rear → Center.