Dream of lively music sound

Our chief audio engineer, who is himself an ardent audiophile, is passionate about the perfection of sound quality with over 10 years’ experience in audio circuit design and sound engineering.

Together with 25 years experience in short range wireless communications, we have combined wireless and audio technique, from fundamantal theory to partical sound art. We make wireless speaker has sound quality better than conventional wired speaker.


After years of research and development, we proudly present the world’s first wireless and cordless, 5.1 Surround and HiFi stereo audio system. Creating it using DECT enables us to deliver incredible sound quality without any cables and cords. You can simply bring your favourite music or movie to life from wherever it is stored and enjoy every single moment of it with our wireless speakers.


Hello, I am Kenneth. I had many questions in my mind when I was young. I saw technical problems in audio product, but I didin’t know how to solve.
” How to solve speaker passive crossover filter phase error problem ? “
” How to remove cable distortiion come from tramission line effect ? “
” How to reduce amplifier feedback without geting THD distortion poor ? “
” Why tube amplifier has lovely sound even it has high distortion ? “
” Why acoustic vibration is highly impact electronic devices sound quality ? “
” Why audio devices are so senstivity to power supply quality ? “
” How to reduce noise pick up so as to reproduce a clean background ? “

  • "I want everyone to enjoy high quality music with simple setup and at an affordable price. We believe DECT solution is going to revolutionize audio world. Enabling portable speakers to play audiophile quality sound."
  • I have loved DIY Hi-Fi from a young age. While my interest in Hi-Fi design has increased with age, the innovation of technology in audio products has been lagging behind. All high-end audio products are very expensive and involves complicated setup and the wires! It seems that only people with spare money are entitled to enjoy high-quality music. Even so, when one has spent a lot on all the different parts, they are not guaranteed to produce quality sound as you still have to understand how to put it all together.
  • I wanted to make a change. My hope is that everyone can enjoy high quality music with simple setup and at an affordable price and that everyone can enjoy good quality audio the way the artist intended. That thinking has been in my mind for the last 20 years.
  • After I have financial freedom, I set my heart on finding the solution. I have gradually turned my engineering job from system design of short-range wireless communication to audio design. At that time, Bluetooth is the hot topic in wireless audio and Wi-Fi is a promising system for high-end audio. Going with the flow, we made prototypes to test the two platforms. However, both systems suffered from timing error in channel sliding and time jitter in channel lock. Time error has completely destroyed the musicality and sound stage. That is the reason why most wireless audio systems cannot attain audiophile grade.
  • Disappointed with those two popular platforms, we started to look elsewhere. Our 25-year experience with DECT technology told me that it was the perfect solution because of its unique characteristics : accurate timing in channel synchronization and dedicated channel in data transmission. Other characteristics like low power consumption and radiation as well as transmission range and speed would also help improve overall performance. If this concept proves workable, a whole new world of wireless audio products would be opened. Audiophile audio system will become wireless, no more cables, CD player and amplifiers, and at only quarter of the price. This also means that even portable speaker can play audiophile sound.
  • The immediate problem for us was the absence of any DECT platform specific for audio application. We had to do the development work from ground zero. No one knew what level of sound quality DECT technology could attain or if it could be achieved.
  • Even so, we decided to give it a try. In the first six years, we have worked very hard and overcome many hurdles, in particular those concerning sound quality and timing. On the way, even we were amazed by the potential of DECT in our journey towards Hi-Fi-grade sound. Now, I am proud to say that our dream has come true. In 2016, we won the CES Innovation Award and DECT Innovation Award which represents a very solid recognition of our efforts in applying DECT as the break-through for high-end audio products.
  • We have since been fine tuning our solution and developing different types of speakers for everyone to use and ensuring that they are all compatible so you can start as small as you want and build to whatever you like be it from personal stereo speaker to multi-room speaker system, indoor and outdoor!

Founder of ONEaudio


Our development journey

2012      Feasibility study of DECT wireless application on audio, start protocol stack reformation

2013      Research and development, define multi-channel DECT wireless applied on 6 sound track 5.1 surround

2014      Proof of concept, first engineering sample completed, result show DECT’s high accuracy timing character can achieve zero time-error channel synchronization

2015      Launched ONEclassic stereo bookshelf speaker, a transparent speaker show off wireless audio technology breakthrough, the brand ONEaudio born

2016      Winner of CES Innovation Award and DECT Innovation Award

2017      Launched wireless 5.1 surround ONEmicro 5.1, the smallest 5.1 surround set

2018     Complete full products line up : ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi, ONEclassic and Q-Bass

2019      Extend wireless channel capability, support 5.1.2 and 5.1.4 true wireless speaker

2020    Develop new air codec aim for higher processing efficient so as to reduce processor power, successful to put 5.1 surround 6 encoder into USB dongle, which can play and plug use in Window PC, iMac, game console and set-top-box. 

2021   Flagship floor standing model ONE bring up DECT wireless sound to top-end audiophile standard. High linearity wide frequency response 22-38KHz reproduce the most realistic music sound.

2022F  Launch second generation MK2 product : unbelievably sound quality, incredible sound details, higher connection reliability, longer range.