The longest play time portable HiFi speaker

Beyond your imagination

ONEmini/ONEmedi is palm size audiophile grade HiFi portable speaker. It has the highest flexibility TRUE wireless, you can get high sound quality anywhere at any time. It is built-in battery and can supply 100 hours play time for ONEmini, or 80 hours play time for ONEmedi. You just need to recharge the speaker few times a year. It is compact in size, but it can output an unbelievable big sound stage in stereo music play and a big surround sound in movie play.  

You want to hear glass broken, gun firing, car crashed, .… the titanium tweeter can satisfy you of its 36KHz crisp metallic sound effect. Ultrasonic harmonic sound in music play reproduce airy sound, violin and piano go lively and touching. 

Airy HD sound 

ONEmini and ONEmedi have high linearity frequency response, no biased on bass and treble. It can play all-kind of music. Each speaker has dual DSP to run 4x up-sampling in music and movie play, any sound source go to ONEmini/ONEmedi will be upgraded to HD sound !

High precision FIR crossover filter ensure woofer and tweeter are full audio band in phase.  Handy size ONEmini/ONEmedi can reproduce sexy female vocal, full-bodied male vocal. Thanks to clean battery supply, sounds is the most pure and clean.

Big soundstage beat a Tower speaker

When ONEmini/ONEmedi work with a subwoofer, low bass is output at subwoofer. ONEmini/ONEmedi will output mid-bass, midrange and treble. Sound is well cover full audio band but no overlapped on speaker and subwoofer. ONEmini/ONemedi 2.1 set are not only play heavy rock song well, they can even play classical music bring you an accurate soundstage.

ONEmini/ONEmedi is built by single pieces aluminium, high hardness metal case can eliminate enclosure vibration. A separated electronics board housing can reduce internal vibration. 

Charming vocal sound

ONEmedi is particular design for vocal sound reproduction. Mid-range frequency is our most sensitivity hearing region, an insignificant distortion will cause listening fatigue. Center speaker is very critial in a surround speaker set.

ONEmedi is 2 way 3 speaker drivers design, twin full range driver can cover audio band up to 12KHz. Woofer and tweeter handover is shifted up to avoid crossover point at sensitivity 2-4KHz mid-range band. Result that vocal sound is warm, full bodied, no vocal sound splitted at woofer and tweeter. ONEmedi is highly recommend for surround centre speaker. 


Exceptional build work

ONEmini/ONEmedi is built by single pieces aluminium, combine with plastic rear panel for internal sound wave damping. Internal framework is separated electronics board housing to isolate chamber vibration. All component are audio grade : German metallized capacitor, newest Class D amplifiers, silver wire for speaker connection, long life Japan made battery, titanium tweeter, all are audiophile standard !

Build-in 2 cells rechargeable Panasonic NCR18650B battery, guarantee 10+ year battery life.    

How to use ?

  • As a superb stereo speaker, support auto-switch 2.0 and 2.1 mode
  • As a surround main and rear speaker, ONEmedi for centre speaker
  • For TV play, ONEmini/ONEmedi as main speaker, ONEmedi as centre speaker
  • Host a garden party, indoor and outdoor speaker

How to connect ?

  • Connect to USB ONEdongle for PC stereo play and smartphone via adaptor cable
  • Connect to console processor ONEbox.micro for stereo, surround and TV play
  • Connect to, ONEmini as a rear speaker, ONEmedi as a centre speaker
  • Connect to ONEbox.bass, setup a desktop SUB with stereo & surround ready

Surprising you  …  the sound of their size.

“So far I am extremely impressed by the sound quality overall, the sound is unbelievably good even compared to bookshelf speakers let alone tiny portable ones! ”     …..  Jonathan Timer  

“Just loving the speakers they are really great. The setup so simple !

The speakers are working great! ”   …..   Uzair Shah

“Congratulation on the news! have been enjoying Onemini 5.1 for a month, only have charged it once while I am watching Netflix and bluray movies every night for hours. very good and accurate surround effect and best part is the impact from the subwoofer.
The speakers are wonderful, my previous soundbar is nowhere close to them. have been using them for Netflix and ps4, the experience is just awesome ”     …..     Eric

ONEmini in kit

3 colours : Silver body/white front, Silver body/black front, Black body/black front

ONEmedi in kit

2 colours : Silver body/white front, Silver body/black front

Innovative Technology :

Exquisite Sound :

The Smart :

HiFi Build :

Specification summary:

ONEmini ONEmedi
Appearance Size 84 x 144 x 122mm 90 x 212 x 131mm
Material Aluminium body, plastic front and rear Aluminium body, plastic front and rear
Colour Silver/white, Silver/black, Black/black Silver/white, Silver/black
Weight 2.3Kg / pair 4.4Kg / pair
Audio output Output power 8W / pair 16W / pair
Frequency response 58-36000Hz 52-36000Hz
SPL (150Hz + 5KHz) 97dB 102dB
Speaker build Tweeter 20mm titanium 20mm titanium
Woofer 68mm double magnet 2pcs 80mm double magnet
Orientation Vertical Vertical, Horizontal
Enclosure Ported, opening at front Ported, opening at rear
Separated PCB housing Yes, plastic internal housing Yes, metal internal housing
Amplifiers resolution 96KHz 24bit 96KHz 24bit
DSP chips 2pcs 200MIPS 2pcs 200MIPS
Wireless DECT channel EU, US, JP, SA EU, US, JP, SA
Receiver sensitivity -93dBm -93dBm
Air codec Standard, HQ, HQ+ Standard, HQ, HQ+
Battery & power mode Battery capacity 6800mAH 7200mAH
Power mode Auto, Standby Auto, Standby
Play time 100 hours 80 hours
Standby mode Yes, enable/disable Yes, enable/disable
Charge time 12-14 hours 13-15 hours
Charging adaptor USB 5V 2A USB 5V 2A
Estimate battery life 10+ years 10+ years
Features Sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort
Audio mode profile Music 2.0/2.1, Movie side/vocal, TV, radio Music 2.0/2.1, Movie side/vocal, TV, radio
Transmitter search mode Auto, Manual Auto, Manual
Tweeter gain Yes, 7 level, 1dB each Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
Left to right balance Yes, 7 level, 1dB each Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
AIR+ 3D No No
Speaker position Main Yes Yes
Rear Yes Yes
Centre Yes, 2pcs Yes, 1pc or 2pcs
Transmitter ONEdongle - HD Yes Yes
ONEbox.cube Yes Yes
ONEbox.micro Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control accessibility Via smartphone Yes, via ONEbox Yes, via ONEbox
By local key Yes, with voice guidance Yes, with voice guidance
Firmware upgrade Yes Yes
Accessory Placement Desktop aluminium speaker plate Desktop aluminium speaker plate