HiFi sound USB audio transmitter

ONEdongle is a plug and play DECT transmitter for standard USB audio. Just plug it in iMac and WIN10 USB port and set audio destination play to ONEdongle, your PC sound will be played on ONEaudio speaker. By use of an adaptor cable, OTG for Android phone or USB-lightning for iPhone, can connect ONEdongle to your smartphone, streaming out smartphone sound to ONEaudio wireless speaker indoor and ourdoor.

ONEdongle has 2x DSP inside to encode stereo channels audio at HiFi quality lossless codec. It can run Asynchronize buffering to isolated PC or USB device dirty clock, regenerate a clean low jitter audio clock.

Short latency 35mS mean no lip sync which is perfect for Youtube and TV watch. ONEdongle can support up to 16 speakers and subwoofers.

You can connect ONEdongle to your smartphone. For Android phone, use a OTG adaptor to convert micro USB port to USB host port. For iPhone, use Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor to convert lightning port to USB female host port.

HiFi sound quality, simplest CAS device for PC/Notebook music play 

ONEdongle has HiFi quality sound. It can deliver high quality music to ONEclassic or other ONEaudio wireless speaker. No sound processing is applied, sound nature is depend on your computer and player. iTune on iMac/MacBook and Groove on WIN10 are highly recommended.

ONEdongle can support speaker sound charcater select by user. Speaker has 4 sound characters : Warm, Natural, Clarity and Comfort. You can select your flavor sound at speaker key operation menu. 

Subwoofer 2.1 mode ready

Subwoofer add-in is ready for you. After pair up ONEwoofer with ONEdongle, turn on ONEwoofer can auto switch 2.0 mode to 2.1 mode. Subwoofer handover are automatic,  crossover merging parameter are pre-loaded, zero calibration. 

How to use ONEdongle ?

  • You want to have a high quality computer speaker, plug ONEdonlge in your computer.
  • Split your ONEaudio surround set to another set of stereo speaker, use ONEdongle as a secondary transmitter
  • For outdoor use, stream smartphone sound to ONEaudio speaker
  • Setup a portable PA system, connect ONEdongle to your iPhone and install an APPs routing microphone audio to USB audio output

Intelligent PC sound switch

You can always plug ONEdonlge in your notebook without worry about PC sound falsely redirected. When you switch off ONEaudio speaker, ONEdonlge will auto detach from your PC. Then PC sound output will go back to PC speaker. When you turn on ONEaudio speaker again, PC sound output will redirect to speakers.

Supported speaker

ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi
ONEclassic, Q-Bass
ONEwoofer.5+5, ONEwoofer.6+6, ONEwoofer.8+8
Maximum support 16 speakers and subwoofers.


Specification summary:

ONEdongle - HD
Outlook Size 35x18x8
Materials Chrome + ABS
Weight 13g
Colour Silver
key No
LED 1, amber
Output port Audio output No
Power supply Port USB port
Rating 5V 0.1A
Standby power 0.1W
DECT radio Country EU, US, JP, Asian, SA
Scan idle channel Auto
Tx power level, range 12dBm, 15m
Audio mode 2.0/2.1
Audio data rate Kbps ECO, Std, HQ, HQ+, HQ++
Wireless sound track 3
Wireless speaker support 16
Music source USB audio stereo 48KHz 16/24bit
Support speaker ONEclassic Main
ONEmedi Main
ONEmini Main
ONEmicro Main, 3D rear
Q-Bass Main
ONEwoofer.5+5 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.6+6 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.8+8 Auto time, phase & crossover
Wired mini speaker No
Sound processing Up-sampler No
Auto audio sound switch No
Sound enhancer No
Surround vivid No
2.1 LFE in stereo play Default comfort
Bass filling technique No
Bass filling technique 5.1 to 3.1 No
5.1 to 2.1 No
2.0 to 2.1 Yes
2.0 to 3D stereo Yes
Stereo mode multi-zone No
Remote setting Select sound character Not support
AIR+ 3D effect Default studio effect
Memory for user sound setting 1
Speaker setting Not support
Subwoofer setting Not support
Q-Bass setting Not support
Volume control Master volume No
Speaker group volume Set at speaker
Linked device volume Volume on PC, iPhone, Android
Setup/calibration tools Battery level monitor No
Test speaker No
Room calibration No
Add speaker Plug dongle to USB power port
Change DECT channel Auto search idle channel
WiFi setting Not support
Firmware upgrade By WIN10 with USB port
Others function Speaker array Yes, up to 16 speakers
Portable PA application Yes, need APPs support
ECO mode to extend play time Yes
Network mini media server No