The best sound wireless speaker

ONEclassic is an innovative wireless audiophile speaker, bring you a new experince of easy HiFi sound system. ONEclassic may be the highest sound quality wireless bookshelf speaker. A HiFi stereo set only have 2 speakers and a palm size console processor, the easiest and the simplest audiophile sound. The console processor has integrated smartphone streamer function, NAS network player, CD player up-sampling converter, USB HD audio and HiRes local music server. 

ONEclassic is excellent in reproducing sound stage and sound imaging, breakthrough wireless speaker poor in stereo effect solved by an innovation technology. ONEclassic is build-in digital amplifiers, 2xDSP chip, no DAC, its sound is pure and natural, well-balance for all kind of music, with rich clear vocal sound.

Riding on success of ONEclassic, ONEclassic3 is the third generation design offer better sound quality, more flexible connection and beauty look.

$3K ONEclassic2 wireless speaker that sound $30K conventional audio setup

Stereo and surround

ONEclassic can be a surround main speaker. We knew music and movie sound are contrary. We can combine 2 conflict sound characters with an auto smart switch. ONEclassic2 can play soft sound in stereo mode and can play fast dynamic sound in surround mode.

Good look + Good sound + Good operation

The safe colourless speaker 

ONEclassic2 is made by 100% transparent acrylic. Acrylic is not plastic, it is a durable material with proper elastic. Acrylic is 360° fully transparent with shiny edge, you can see it straight through from the narrow edge. You can place your ONEclassic2 anywhere you like, no need to worry about breaking up into heaps of sharp pieces by your children or pets. ONEclassic2 can keep shinny for ten years.

Why acrylic has good sound?

Common used see-through material is glass. Glass is too hard, doesn’t have absorption which creates strong reflection inside speaker enclosure. Many people think wood is the best material because of its proper sound wave adsorption and reflection.

Acrylic has high internal damping characteristic. Sound wave hitting the acrylic panel is absorbed and sound wave reflection is stopped. This greatly reduces speaker enclosure internal reflection. Sound absorption index is close to pear wood. Acrylic sound is natural, basis to warm.

Acrylic is high density material. A pair of ONEclassic2 speaker weighs 21Kg.  A 12mm thickness board can give 20mm MDF fibre hardness. Thinner board allows larger inner enclosure space to give lower bass.

Vocal sound

Sexy female vocal, full bodied male vocal. Vocal sound is the most natural, no bias on low or high tone, no colorization.
Woofer and tweeter crossover overlapping is the key to have good vocal sound. Shape cut off will get artificial sound, slow cut off will loss clarity. ONEclassic2 is perfect optimized.

Lively Jazz  

High separation, high focus sound imaging, performers are clear located standing in front of you, you can ‘see’ the piano, double bass, saxophone, and drum set solo.
DSP active crossover filters in ONEclassic2 are 64 bit audio depth high order FIR filter. FIR filter is guaranteed linear phase, with high order stages to remove overshooting. Woofer and tweeter acoustic axis displacement compensation is down to 0.6mm tolerance.      

Harmony Instrument Sound

Airy sound, rich harmonic tone, lively piano and violin sound, connecting you to performer.
Top class up-sampler can recover ultrasonic harmonic tone. Full details signal 192KHz/24bit is straight through to amplifiers, speaker wire is the shortest ensure no details loss on wiring.

Great Classical music

Excellent sound stage, well-balanced music instrumental tone pitch, clean and clear sound image, smooth and harmony.
Channel synchronization is key to have sound stage. ONEclassic can achieve left to right speaker time synchronized as low as 0.000 000 5s, specification is better than wired speaker because speaker cable will induce uneven transmission delay.  

Movie theatre experience

High sharpness crisped sound, fast and punchy mid-range, boosted dynamic bass.
DSP block and amplifiers setup are reform to reconstruct movie sound profile. ONEclassic2 will totally change its sound nature, sound is emphasis on exciting movie effect.  

Gentle vs Wild

Sometimes you like to excite your mood, you may listen heavy rock song. Just add-in a subwoofer ONEwoofer.8+8, ONEclassic2 will self reconfigure its sound character to wild sound, give you a very strong bass with high dynamic music beat. You will surprise on another face of ONEclassic2 sound. 

ONEclassic3 in kit

  • ONEclassic 2.0 kit  :  main speaker
  • ONEclassic 2.1 kit  :  main speaker  (recommend SUB : ONEwoofer.8+8)
  • ONEclassic 5.1 kit  :  main speaker, rear speaker

How to connect ?

  • Connect to USB ONEdongle for PC stereo play
  • Connect to ONEbox.micro for stereo, surround and TV play

Music source with ONEbox

  • WiFi audio : AirPlay and DLNA
  • USB audio
  • SPDIF digital audio
  • Network player
  • Local music media server

Our wireless speaker can perform better than wired speaker

“I received my speakers this week and I wanted to let you know they are AWESOME! I was a bit sceptical on the whole timing/soundstage difference, but the difference is astounding. I have had various setups over the years ranging from $5k to $20k and these speakers beat them all. I don’t think I have listened to anything better at the HiFi stores either. ”  ……  Sunny Smith review ONEclassic

“The million dollar question. In short, they are FANTASTIC! In a near field setup they delivered brilliant highs, crisp clear mids, and spacious low end kick.    I can say that these speakers perform better than anything else I own, including a $15k setup. ”  …..  Byron Dubow

“All in all, the overall experience was surprisingly good and out of my expectation, the sound stage reproduction, clarity of sound, treble, mid-range and bass are much better than I expected. Personally, I am not a hifi-enthusiast but always look for simple and easy way to reproduce audiophile quality of music for my own enjoyment. ”   ….  Edward Chow

“Two months ago I bought the ONEclassic2 speakers and ONEbox.mciro to replace my existing AV system. I was already familiar with the audio quality of the small ONEmicro speakers and had high expectations of the ONEclassic 2 speakers. I have not been disappointed. The sound quality is as good as the beautiful design of the transparent speakers. In combination with the speaker stands it completes the design an gives a perfect fit in my living room. The best feature of the speaker is not its looks but is its fantastic sound.  ”  …..  Arend van der Weijden



Innovative Technology :

Exquisite Sound :

The Smart :

HiFi Build :

Specification summary:

ONEclassic2 (obsoleted) ONEclassic3
Appearance Size 200x360x285 mm 206x366x292 mm
Material Acrylic Acrylic
Colour Transparent Transparent
Weight 20Kg / pair 21Kg / pair
Main speaker Output power 120W / pc 120W / pc
Frequency response 42-27KHz 40-42KHz
Amplifier resolution 192KHz / 32bit 192KHz / 32bit
Distortion @1KHz (input to output) 0.01% 0.01%
Channel synchronization < 0.75uS < 0.5uS
Audio master clock jittering < 0.1ppm < 0.1ppm
Speaker build Tweeter driver 25mm silk dome 25mm fiber-silk dome
Woofer driver 6.5" paper cone woofer 7.5" fibre with neodymium magnet
Enclosure (main speaker) Ported, rear opening Ported, rear opening
Linear regulator Yes, on HF amplifier Yes, on HF amplifier
DSP chips 2 2
Wireless DECT channel EU, US, JP, SA EU, US, JP, SA
Receiver sensitivity -95dBm -95dBm
Lossless air codec Standard, HQ, HQ++ Standard, HQ, HQ++
Features Sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort Natural, Airy, Rich, Comfort
Audio mode sound profile Stereo 2.0/2.1, Surround, TV Stereo 2.0/2.1, Surround, TV
Stereo subwoofer mode 2.1 mode, by external subwoofer 2.1 mode, by external subwoofer
Left right balance Yes, 7 level, 1dB each Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
Tweeter gain Yes, 7 level, 1dB each Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
Speaker position Main Yes Yes
Rear Yes Yes
Centre No No
Transmitter ONEdongle - HD Yes Yes
ONEbox.micro Yes Yes
Control accessibility Via smartphone Yes, via ONEbox Yes, via ONEbox
By local key Yes, with voice guidance Yes, with voice guidance
Firmware upgrade Yes Yes