Commercial use

DECT wireless offer a reliable connection which can apply on commercial use. 

• High flexibility
• Broadcast one-to-multi points
• Support up to 12 channels (general 6 channels)
• Low latency
• Low latency
• 1-way or 2-way communication
• No wiring cost, no installation time
• Better sound quality at lower cost
• Remote control by console

Exceptional of DECT protocol

The most stable wireless protocol

  • Non-interference 1.9GHz channel dedicated for voice, no bandwidth sharing.
  • Long range, use external antenna can achieve 300m range, with dual slot diversity can achieve 400m
  • Ultra low power consumption, battery operated protable speaker
  • Low latency, down to 15mS on protocol layer
  • 2-way voice by point-to-point communication
  • Broadcast mode, support unlimited speakers, can concurrent work on point-to-point and broadcast mode
High quality sound in every corner

Upgrade your place with HiFi quality sound

  • Use sound engineering to build good sound, no extra cost
  • DSP build-in SOC chip, reliable sound quality which is not depend on componet quality
  • Amplifiers direct drive to speaker driver, wider audio bandwidth, accurate control to sound
  • Dynamic air codec data rate, from lossy to lossless
Very low cost

Single chipset soulution, single firmware, the simplest hardware

  • Full digital design, simple application engineering
  • Mininum count of componet, no expensive passive component, low production cost
  • High efficient design, low cost lower rating power supply
  • Full auto production ATE
  • All software parameter, simple calibration and audio tuning

Potential application for commercial

  • Integrated speaker in home small appliance, e.g. ceiling lamp with speaker
  • Light weight speaker on rail lamp track, integrated remote control of lighting effect
  • High quality wireless microphone, no crosstalk and noise free
  • Protable Karaoke set for outdoor, easy moving
  • Wireless speaker array, use in café, boutique, conference hall
  • Hotel guest room music center
  • Exhibition hall with wireless speaker flexibility
  • Portable PA speaker array

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