ONEaudio redefine wireless HiFi sound
Wireless speaker sound can be better than wired speaker

How we did the breakthrough

Technology packed speakers

No audio disturbance

Interferecne free 1.9GHz DECT channel is the most stable wireless for audio application. The award-winning DECT technology has solved existing wireless audio interruption issue.  

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DECT work on 1.9GHz exclusive freqeuncy band. Every connection is guarantee working on dedicated channel. No interference, no crowded channel congestion, no data bandwidth sharing.

DECT can support 16 speakers on 6 sound track. Stable wireless connection ensure each 5.1.4 surround speaker can play non-interrupted sound.

DECT is medium speed rate protocol having good balance between sound quality and data connection stablility.   

110 countries adopt DECT, ONEaudio speaker can support EU, US, SA, ASEAN, IN and ROW. Depend on country regulation, each DECT band has 5-10 radio channels, ensure no interference from other DECT devices.  

Analogue sound

By eliminating timing errors and mininium of processing, DECT wireless speaker sound pure and natural. Its excellent sound stage and sound imaging is the key to have musicality. No CAS system ‘digital’ sound problem.


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DECT protocol has high timing characteristic, high accurate timing can overcome WiFi wireless audio point-to-point channel distriibute problem, achieve channel synchronization 20 times better :

Left and right speaker can keep time in 0.000 0000 5s.
Front, center and rear speaker pairs can keep time in 0.000 001s.

With an advance clock lock meshanism, ONEaudio speaker can achieve time jitter as low as 0.02ppm. Low jittering master audio clock can deliver a solid clean sound backgroud, high separation sound imaging.

2-way speaker woofer and tweeter are gurantee acoustic in-phase. Zero time error in woofer and tweeter overlapping zone, give a high clarity and accurate vocal sound.

No visible lip sync

Ultra low latency from source toward speakers, no discernible lag between video and audio in movie and TV watch.

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Lip sync problem is generally happen in wireless speaker system. Our wireless technology completely solved the problem. Input-to-output latency can be as low as wired AV amplifier, no discernible lag between video and audio in movie and TV watch.

How we made latency short :
* by DECT ultra low latency protocol
* by triple buffering technique to minimize buffer delay
* by all-in-one firmware to have shortest signal path


Compact body

A speaker the size of your hand can create an unbelievably big sound stage. 

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Single pieces metal body, strongest enclosure to hold drivers and sustain high sound pressure.

Separate housing for electronics board, give vibration isolated structure.

All-in-one software loaded on single SOC chip, small size hardware board can fit into small speaker.

Precised air flow design give high efficient to bass output.

Speakers are acoustic in-phase, summing up all speaker sound to give maximum loudness.

Use subwoofer to play mid-low bass, move energy-demanded sound to bigger size SUB.

Versatile Sounds

Adaptive sound charaters to fit different sound source natures :
* Immervise & soft music sound
* Dynamic & punchy surround sound
* Clean & comfort TV sound. 

No need to compromise music sound and surround sound in our speakers !

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New sound engineering work, on-the-fly paramters can reform signal processing block and hardware configuration to reproduce sound cahracter match to sound source nature.

Auto sound characters for 4 different sound source :
Stereo 2.0/2.1 sound is natural immersive sound, airy treble, wide sound stage
TV 3.1/5.1 sound is clean vocal, nature sound, comfort for long listening 
Movie 5.1/5.1.4 sound is fast and dynamic, surrounding 3D sound
Radio  sound is gentle sound, no listening fatigue

4 user sound timbre for music :
Natural timbre is the original sound without sound processing
Airy timbre is extended high frequency to compensation human hearing loss
Rich timbre has an enrich sound, reproduce full bodied sound
Comfort sound is design for over-processed sound source like Youtube and TV

3 surround effect :
Concert effect is fit for concert and musical movie
Action effect is dynamic and high sharpness sound
Night mode effect is emphasised sound objects for low volume listening

Not an equalizer !  No degrade in sound quality. No shifting of tone balance. Well balanced and most natural sound for all kinds of sound. 

Super bass Q+Q

Twin drivers and sealed enclosure, output deep bass with Quality and Quantity

Very compact size, no placement problem

Wireless, no wiring trouble

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Wireless, just plug-in the power 

Twin active driver, 2 times of output power

Sealed enclosure give wide and flatten frequency response up to 480Hz, the higher frequency response give faster and punchy bass

Advance time correction by DECT accurate timing characteristic, make sure each layer of bass are well-presented

DSP inside, high order FIR filter to  equalizer subwoofer internal resonate, guarantee full band phase is linear

Bass filling technique

Advances bass management to enable handy size speaker reproduce full bodied sound spectrum

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ONEwoofer not only give you deep low bass, it also output mid-low bass to compensate bass lack in handy size surround speaker

Bass filling can apply to main speaker and center speaker, ONEmicro 5.1 set can play dynamic and full-bodied movie sound

To have a high quality merged sound by subwoofer and satellite speaker, ONEwoofer must has very wide frequency response subwoofer, very accurate time alignment between main speaker and subwoofer

ONEwoofer pre-loaded each speaker parameters, calibration is automatic. You only need to select filling level : auto, weak or strong

Sound enhancer

Regenerate gone muisc detials in lossy AirPlay and MP3, your iPhone can play HD sound

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Use high order cubic interpolation upsampling, and adding an advance predication algorithm, revive muisc harmonic. Regnerated audio bandwidth can be extended to 96KHz 24bit HD quality.

MP3 and AirPlay lossy sound go airy and lively.

3D stereo & 5.1.4

3D effect in stereo play create large listening space experience.

5.1.4 surround sound can increase sound height, hear top layer sound sound over your head.

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Up firing ONEmicro+ reprodcue top height sound space and 3D sound object position rendering. You can hear a bird flying in your room, glass broken over your head and space ship blast off.

A real 3D stereo sound = Sound stage + sound space

Main speaker reproduce sound stage and sound imaging
ONEmciro as rear speaker pointing upward to create vertical sound space, you can select 3D effect : Studio, Room, Hall 


Ultra long play time

High efficient design and ultra low energy DECT protocol

Micro size speaker has 20 hours play time
Mini size speaker has 100 hours play time

The longest play time !

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Secret of long play time :

  • Ultra low current consumption DECT protocol
  • The newest high efficient Class D amplifier
  • High sensitivity double magent speaker driver
  • Magificant air flow low freqeuncy boost effect
  • No DAC, single chip design to remove redundancy consumption

The longest play time battery speaker : ONEmini 100 hours, ONEmedi 80 hours, ONEmicro 20 hours for music play and 30 hours as Top speaker 

You need to charge speaker every 1-2 month for daily use, or twice a year for moive play once a week.

All-round solution

Stereo to surround, indoor and outdoor, personal to family, basic to perinum
All-in-one for home, business and commercial use

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One set cover stero 2.0/2.1, TV 3.1/5.1, Surround 5.1-5.1.4

High mobility portable speaker can work separately : garden party and camping

Multi-zone select : Front group, Centre group, Rear group

A surround set can split into 3 stereo sets

Connect 16 speakers reform to a portable PA

Adding subwoofer to give more powerful bass

Mix & Match

Free to combine your set when and how you want as every device is compatible

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Allow any combination of speaker model mix up

Pre-load all speaker parameters, auto calibrate every match up

Upgrade audio from 2.0 to 5.1, or 5.1.4 in the future

Add new higher model speaker as main speaker, can move lower model speaker as side speaker

Paralleling up more speaker or subwoofer, cost saving way to have powerful sound 

Smart operation

Auto input, Auto routing, Auto sound switch
Smart sound memories, Smart subwoofer add-in
Virtual TV 5.1, movie 5.1.2/5.1.4
Most simple 5.1 setup, no need calibration

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Smart input detect – scan for active input and auto make connection, you don’t need to switch input

Smart sound switch – detect signal source and auto switch to appropriate sound mode, you don’t need to setup sound for music, movie, TV and radio

Smart audio routing – automatic route audio to presented speaker, you just need to turn on speaker, sound will come out from speakers

Smart sound setting – memorise user audio setting of 8 audio mode : AirPlay, DLNA, CD, TV, Surround, USB, Music server, Radio

Smart subwoofer add-in – auto switch 2.0 and 2.1 mode sound profile, and auto load woofer merging parameters

Simple calibration, no need to run through a complicate alignment procedure :
Set room size : small, medium, large
Set center speaker position : behind, on line, front
Set subwoofer delay : 0, 5, 10, 20mS
Set top speaker height : speaker top, shelves, ceiling
Set room correction : -3 to +3 level

Web UI, no APPs

No APPs to install !

It runs from any device with a web browser !

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Cross platform Web UI : iOS, Android, WIN, Linux, Smart TV

No compatibility issue : work on old and new devices

No security and privacy issue in APPs installation

Visitor sharing, direct get browser access via your home router

Create a home page shortcut, you can get one touch startup in a second

Green operation

Low radiation, low emission, put your body in safe place
Low current consumption, save energy
No disposal, save the World

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DECT is low power radio device, only 1/10 of WiFi, 1/20 of WiSA

DECT is medium data rate protocol, even lower power can have longe communication range

DECT is ultra low power consumption device, long play time = less charge cycle, battery can be last for 10 years, no need to replace battery and no disposal a defect battery

A charged battery can keep speaker idle for 3 years, no need to do periodic refresh

Unique products only in ONEaudio

ONEaudio is the pioneer apply DECT wireless technology on HiFi audio. DECT enable us present the World’s only ture wireless surround without speaker cable and power cord ! Movies and videos played is reproduced in true 5.1 Dolby and DTS cinematic effect.

5.1.4 surround are 10 separated wireless speakers create 3D sound object moving over your head. Transport you to movie story. 

Music played in stereo is be reproduced in airy HD sound, having excellent sound stage and imaging. From now on, HiFi set is so simple you ever imagine.

Customer review


First the positive the Mini resolution and ability to pick up every element of the music is very impressive also bass on the Mini is far better than I imagined for the size of speaker ……  The more you hear and identify the better your system is and the Mini was exceptional at picking up most of them. Even expensive speakers are not able to have the clarity of yours possibly due to your phase accuracy. ”    ……   Michael Gutreich

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“The million dollar question. In short, they are FANTASTIC! In a near field setup they delivered brilliant highs, crisp clear mids, and spacious low end kick.    I can say that these speakers perform better than anything else I own, including a $15k setup. ”  …..  Byron Dubow  

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