ONEclassic, show you DECT ultra wireless sound

ONEclassic is an innovative wireless speaker system that brings audiophile quality sound to your home. It’s a high end HiFi audio system to use DECT technology combining wireless feature and high high fidelity sound in a simple setup. The use of DECT technology in audio product has been recognized by CES Innovation Awards and DECT Award Innovation in 2016.


The simplest HiFi speaker

ONEclassic not only has it a stylish transparent appearance but also reproduces unbelievably audiophile sound quality. It has high performance price ratio compared to conventional audio system.  Setup is so simple : 2 pieces speaker and a palm size console processor.

CAS, Stereo and Surround

ONEbox.HQ as console transmitter of ONEclassic, it can make connection to iPhone end-to-end wireless streaming via AirPlay, it can connect to Andorid phone by DLNA, it is a network player work with your NAS server, it has optical port to read your CD player output, it can work as standalone media server by plug-in a USB RAM, it has USB audio for PC/iMac/Set-top-box connect. And more …..  ONEclassic can be upgraded to 5.1 surround set, you are free to combine any ONEaudio portable speaker to build your home theatre !


Wireless speaker are only low end product, can it have HiFi sound quality ?

The answer is definitely a YES !

A good speaker should be capable of playing all kinds of music and can bring out the soul of music. Listening to the speaker, you can connect to performer, you will feel a lively music. The way to go high fidelity sound in ONEclassic is by precised phase control, removing errors, use minimum signal processing, avoid noise pick up, and reconstruct the zero-acoustic phase error sound. 

Unbeatable accurate sound stage for classical music

Excellent channel synchronization between left and right channel down to 0.000 0005 second. Separated left and right speaker give perfect channel separation.

Excellent sound imaging for jazz

Woofer and tweeter are errorless in-phase by DSP crossover filter. On-axis displacement ompensationm in woofer is being control within 1mm tolerance.

Clean and pure sound for vocal

Full digital design from end-to-end, no DAC, ensure no noise pick up along signal path. 32X32 64bit manipulation ensure no error in signal flow.

Well balanced sound

Minimium singnal processing, no deletion and no addition. No use frequency equalizing, use chamber design to achieve frequency response flatness.

Rich and full bodied vocal

By mean of amplifier direct connect to tweeter and woofer, unlike passive crossover filter in wired speaker, crossover freqeuncy can be shift up to 4KHz with high clarity vocal sound.

Analogue sound, no listening fatigue

Ultra-low master audio clock time jittering >0.02ppm give a solid sound background. Custom made OS firmware for audio can eliminated CAS “cold” sound.

See-through secret, why acrylic ?

Acrylic has high internal damping characteristic. Sound wave hitting the acrylic panel is absorbed and sound wave reflection is stopped. This greatly reduces enclosure internal reflection. Sound absorption index is close to pear wood. Acrylic sound is natural, bias to warm sound.

Acrylic is high density material. A pair of ONEclassic speaker weighs 21Kg.  A 15mm thickness board can give 30mm MDF fibre hardness. Thinner board allows larger air chamber space to retain lowe bass.

The strongest joint, a one piece enclosure

Every acrylic panel is joined together at 45o cutting edge to increase the joint surface. They are bonded by solvent welding gives a perfect single piece enclosure. Strong enclosure can reduces the secondary vibration on enclosure surface.

Colourless, Crystal shinny, Multi-reflection

Each cutting edge is carefully polished to high gloss. Joint edges are single and create a multi-reflection of light, shining brightly under the sunlight, and is 100% colourless 360° fully transparent with shiny edge. ONEclassic is both a pleasure to look at and listen to.

No absorption sponge, the clean look

That is the most challenging job to our engineer. We spent long time and build many shape of enclosure to test acoustic characteristic. Standing wave, harmonics, resonant, sound diffusion are optimized in ONEclassic. 

No heat sink, green operation

Electronics board are installed in separated house at the bottom of the speaker. High efficient design reduce heat dissipation and no bulky heat sink inside give a clean look.