Conventional HiFi audio system is very bulky. It is built by many devices and accessories. You need to match them carefully, make sure every devices and cable have same sound nature. You may spend lot of money and time, but that’s not guarantee you cab get good sound quality.

To setup a good sound quality audio set, you need to understand sound engineering, how a sound wave come to your ears, why most speaker have listening fatigue.     

Photo show a conventional HiFi set is so complicate, bulky, lot of cables, many devices, …. and space demanding !

ONEaudio use fundemental sound engineering principle, resolve root problems in conventional auido devices, got a sensational sound experience. A wireless speaker can reproduce better sound quality than wired speaker. ONEaudio speakr’s quality sounds is built by software, not the way of using luxury HiFi components.

What are root problems ? How we make changes ?

Cable distortion in speaker wires

Transmission line distortion (conductive loss, phase shift, non-linear group delay, overshooting, thermal noise, EMI pick up, ….) is inherent problems in cables, high quality speaker cable can only reduce distortion but can’t remove.
Solution : The way to solve is no cable. 

Conventional speaker crossover filter is to split high frequency to tweeter and low frrequnecy to woofer. Unfortunately, high pass filter suffer phase lag at crossover point, low pass filter suffer phase lead at crossover point. That’s mean sound output on tweeter and woofer at crossover point never mixed in phase. Sound output is distorted, usual symptom is listening fatigue.
Solution : By use of digital linear phase FIR filter, tweeter and woofer output are ensured in-phase.

Interconnection between devices by mean of analogue signal has lot of problems to degrade sound quality. It is highly correlated to cable quality. Bad grounding will induce hum noise. Parallel L&R connection loop will get poor channel separation.
Solution : Full digital design from input to output can remove interconnection problems.

Digital-to-Analogy converter is the most critial component in an audio set. Sound quality and sound timber is direct related to DAC chip itself and its anti-alising filter. DAC is very senstivity to power supply quality, analogue component tolerance, microphonic (vibration effect) and operation noise. It is a key factor to have good sound, vice verse it is also a factor to destroy sound quality.
Solution : No DAC chip, digital signal input to amplifier and direct output to speaker, eliminate DAC risk. So, no need for high quality power supply, no need to have anti-vibration, no noise pick up problem.

Conventional audio set is analogy design, it is built by analogy component. Every analogy component will affect sound nature, result to sound timber is fixed. So an audio set can play pop music well but can’t play sexy jazz sound.
Solution : Full digital design from end-to-end, no analogy component, amplifier direct drive to tweeter and woofer. Every audio paramters are fully controlled by software. Our speakers can reproduce warm music sound or dynamic surround sound. User can also select sound timber to fit different kind of music : Natural, Vivid, Vocal, Comfort. 

Battery is an ideal power supply source. It is noise free, high instant current and no loading ripple. For pratical use of battery in HiFi audio, we solved current consumption issue. Our battery speaker can have 100 hours play time.   

Next, we solved wireless speaker root problems :

ONEaudio wireless speakers are working on interference free 1.9GHz frequency band, each connection is on exclusive channel ensure no radio devices jam.

All ONEaudio speaker are separated, from stereo to surround set, no bridging cable, no speaker cable, no power cord.

Reason is poor channel synchronization between left and right speaker. DECT protocol has accurate timing characteristic, left and right speaker channel synchronization can be controlled down to 0.000 001 second, 20 times better than WiFi. 

Reason of fatigue sound is poor time jittering induce “shaking” sound background. ONEaudio give up digital control mechanism and go back to linear control, our speaker can achieve time jitter less than 0.02ppm, 100 times better than WiFi speaker.

ONEaudio speaker use lossless air codec to retain every music detial. 4X upsampling enhance amplifier resolution to 192/24. Speaker connect wire is silver plating. You will hear sexy female vocal, rich harmonics paino and harmony violin sound.

ONEaudio speaker has unbelievably long play time, ONEmini speaker can play 100 hours music or 50 movies. You need to do charging every 2~3 months.