Conventional HiFi audio system is bulky and complicate. It is built by many devices, accessories and cables. You need to match them up carefully, make sure every device and cable are good quality, spend a lot of money and time, of course you will have good sound.

ONEaudio use new sound engineering concept, solve root problems in fundamental design principle, got a sensational sound experience. A wireless speaker can reproduce sound better than wired speaker.

Photo show a conventional HiFi set is so complicate, bulky, lot of cables, many devices, …. and space demanding !

New audio set is simple, compact in size, free of wires, separated mono-block, …. and space saving !

ONEaudio speakers are more advance. Our speakers can adapt sound source nature, then reproduce sound match to sound source : stereophonic music sound,  theatre moive sound and natural TV sound.

Transmission line distortion (conductive loss, phase shift, non-linear group delay, overshoot, thermal noise, EMI pick up, ….) is inherent in cables, high quality cable can reduce distortion but can’t remove. The way to solve is no cable. 

Main supply on wall outlet is dirty power source which is source of sound pollution. Battery is perfect power supply, clean and pure power source, it can deliver high instant current to support high dynamic sound.

Analogue devices usually have cumulative noise and distortion problem. More devices will get serious of problem. Change to digital design can eliminate signal quality degrade, noise pick up, coupling distortion and phase shift.

Use single amplifier for full audio band amplification usually has serious TIM distortion. TIM distortion is lack of signal details when playing complicate music. Cut down amplifier’s feedback can reduce TIM distortion. By splitting audio band into high range, mid range and low range can narrow down amplifier operation range, attain lower amplifier feedback as well as TIM distortion improvement.

Wired speaker passive crossover filter has phase error problem, overlapped band spread on crossover point is distorted, mid range sound is blur. By use of digital linear FIR filter, woofer’s low frequency sound and tweeter’s high frequency sound are guaranteed in-phase, phase error distortion is completely solved.  

Each ONEaudio speaker inside is a high integrated multi-processor SOC chip and loaded with all-in-one firmware. Components are the minimum, signal path is optimized, , on board battery provide direct power supply, speaker wire is the shortest, no  noise pick up, and no suffer from ground loop problem.

Next, we solved wireless speaker root problems :

ONEaudio wireless speakers are running on interference free 1.9GHz frequency band, each connection is on exclusive channel, no device jammed which is always happen in crowded 2.4GHz band.

All ONEaudio speaker are separated, from stereo to surround set, no bridging cable, no speaker cable, no power cord.

Reason is poor channel synchronization between left and right speaker. DECT protocol has accurate timing characteristic, keft and right speaker channel synchronization can be controlled down to 0.000001 second, 20 times better than WiFi. 

Reason is poor time jittering induce “shaking” sound background. ONEaudio give up digital control mechanism and go back to linear control, our speaker can achieve time jitter less than 0.02ppm, 100 times better than WiFi speaker.

ONEaudio speaker can reproduce airy and gentle high frequency tone. Each speaker equipped with 2 pieces DSP for upscale to HD sound. You can hear sexy female vocal, rich harmonics violin and harmony piano.

ONEaudio speaker has unbelievably long play time, ONEmini speaker can play 100 hours music or 50 movies. You need to do charging every 2~3 months.