Upward-firing wireless speaker create 5.1.4 3D sound

ONEmicro+ is an upgraded version from ONEmicro particular design for 5.1.4 surround top channel speaker. ONEmicro+ is up-firing speaker can be on position Top Front or Top Rear. 2 pieces ONEmicro+ as Top Middle speaker can generate a 3D sound space, from 2 dimensional surround sound turn to 3 dimensional theatre surround. If you have 4 pieces ONEmicro+, put them at 4 corners, you will hear overhead sound in 3D position, heightened sound space bring you superb sensation.

ONEmicro+ can receive font and rear sound channel, adding time correction and propagation delay, combine channels top layer sound space to reform top layer sound on top font and top rear speaker.

ONEmicro+ is more advances

ONEmicro+ and ONEmicro have same look and same form factor. Inside ONEmicro+ is equipped with more powerful SOC chip, double speed to handle sophisticated 3D algorithm. 

  • Boosted DSP to deliver more computation power
  • High capacity battery for faster DSP running
  • Higher frequency response up to 29KHz to create airy sound space pushing up sound height beyond your room ceiling
  • Multi-channel receiver, extract sound space in front and rear channel,  rendering top layer sound object position
  • Dynamic propagation time alignment for TF and TR speaker
  • Support different speaker placement height by applying sound beaming technique 

How to use ?

  • Additional 2 pieces ONEmicro+ to 5.1 surround set, configure as TRL and TRR speaker upgrade to 5.1.2
  • Additional 4 pieces ONEmicro+ to 5.1 surround set, configure as TFL, TFR, TRL and TRR speaker upgrade to 5.1.4
  • 2 pieces ONEmicro+ add on 3.1 set, upgrade configure to 3.1.2 as TRL and TRR speaker
  • Additonal 2 pieces ONEmicro+ to 2.1 stereo set, configure as AIR+ top sepaker to enable AIR+ 3D function
  • As a rear speaker for stereo play,  ONEmicro+ can be AIR+ rear speaker or stereo speaker parallel to main speaker
  • Use ONEmicro+ replace ONEmicro in surround kit (ONEmicro+ 5.1 kit), crisp surround sound reproduce exciting glass broken and gun shooting effect

Specification :

Size  :  Φ62 x 54(h)  mm
Weight  :  0.7Kg / pair
Colour  :  White, Black
Output power  :  5.5W / pair
SPL level  :  96dB
Freq. response   :  68-29000Hz
Amplifier resolution  :  96KHz 24bit
Driver  :  Full range 48mm neodymium magnet, outter bass radiator
Audio mode  :  Stereo, surround, vocal, TV, AIR+ 3D, AIR+ Surround
Position  :  Main, Rear, Centre, Top front, Top middle, Top rear
Play time  :  22 hours for stereo play or ~10 movies watch
Charge time  :  4 hours by 5V 1A

How to create 3D surround sound ?

ONEmicro+ is up-firing design. You don’t need to hang them up, place them at relative high position, or just put them on main speaker or rear speaker top. For 5.1.2, try to put them at left and right side of listener. For 5.1.4, place them at 4 corners.

  • 5.1.4, add into ONEclassic 5.1, ONEmedi 5.1, Combo 5.1 set as TF and TR speaker
  • 5.1.2, add into ONEmini 5.1 set as TM speaker
  • 3.1.2, add into ONEmini 3.1 or Combo 3.1 set as TR speaker
  • AIR+ stereo, add into stereo set as rrear speaker
  • Standard stereo, connect to ONEdongle or ONEbox.micro as L and R speaker

How to setup ONEmicro+ TOP speaker

Setup is so simple, no complicate calibration procedure. Just input 2 position settings in WebUI top sepaker setup page.

  • Set speaker placement height
    * Speaker top : put it on front or rear speaker top
    * Half height : put it at listener ear level 
    * Ceiling : put it at high position near ceiling
  • Set rear speaker position
    * Seating side : on your seating place left and rigth side
    * Halfway : in between seating and rear corner
    * Corner : located at rear corner of your room