The smallest HiFi stereo speaker

ONEmicro is a pocket size wireless speaker. It is the smallest HiFi speaker, a true stereo pair has excellent stereo effect to reproduce music sound stage. Its sound is the most natural, full bodied vocal, long listening without fatigue. It is built by 48mm full range neodymium high density magnet, deliver extraordinary high loudness. An ONEmicro 2.1 set can cover 15m2 room.

ONEmicro can be indoor and outdoor, spread ONEmicro inside and outside for your garden party. Adding a pair of rear ONEmicro to setup an AIR+ 3D sound, enlarge your listening space.

ONEmicro can play clean and clarity sound even at low volume level. Put them on your study desk or on coffee table, play a Mozart at night, relaxing you and take away your stress.

ONEmicro is pointing upward, sound come out is immersive 360o fill up your listening space. Put them on table top can induce second layer mid-bass enrich vocal sound. A wooden dock can turn ONEmicro orientation to horizontal. ONEmicro is divergent sound design bring speaker easy placement, you can easy to place the ONEmicro anywhere. ONEmicro put on wooden dock is the perfect match to subwoofer 2.1 mode.

How to use ?

  • In music play, stereo 2.0 or 2.1 main speaker
  • In movie play, surround 5.1 main, rear and centre speaker
  • For TV sound, TV 3.1/5.1 main, centre and rear speaker
  • Build an AIR+ 3D sound, as a rear speaker to create vertical sound space   
  • As indoor and outdoor speaker in garden party
  • As a portable PA system, can connect up to 16 pieces ONEmicro

How to connect ?

  • Connect to ONEdongle for PC USB stereo play
  • Connect via adaptor cable to smartphone for outdoor use
  • Connect to ONEbox.micro for stereo, surround and TV play
  • Connect to, as a rear and centre speaker
  • Connect to ONEbox.cube, setup a desktop surround set

Beyond your imagination

“ I can’t get my head around how they’ve managed to make a tiny speaker sound this clean and this full-bodied. ……many attempts and iterations of compact speakers …but none of them come close to the true fidelity that the ONEmicro is capable of producing.”   ….  Sounds Sonorous 

“ The bass was more impressive than that pair of $1,600 speakers we recently reviewed, and the sound itself came through crisp no matter the volume level.”    ……   Rob Stott

“First the positive the Mini resolution and ability to pick up every element of the music is very impressive also bass on the Mini is far better than I imagined for the size of speaker ……  The more you hear and identify the better your system is and the Mini was exceptional at picking up most of them. Even expensive speakers are not able to have the clarity of yours possibly due to your phase accuracy. ”    ……    Michael Gutreich 

“ After pairing my speakers are now in a 6-speaker network, and this really fills the room with great sound. Highly recommend these speakers networked.”     ………    Per-Jonas Xia Mehus

ONEmicro in kit

  • ONEmicro 2.0/2.1 kit :         main speaker
  • ONEmini 2.1 3D kit :            rear speaker
  • ONEcube 5.1 kit :                main, rear, centre speaker
  • ONEmicro 5.1 kit :               main, rear, center speaker
  • Mixed 5.1 kit :                     rear, centre speaker
  • 5.1 lite kit :   rear, centre speaker

5 Colours : Black, White, Pink, Green, Blue 

Innovative Technology :

Exquisite Sound :

The Smart :

HiFi Build :

Specification summary:

Size ɸ62 x 54mm
Material Cast iron body, plastic base
Colour White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Weight 0.6Kg / pair
Audio output Output power 5W / pair
Frequency response 68-21000Hz
SPL (150Hz + 5KHz) 95dB
Speaker build Tweeter N/A
Woofer 48mm full range neodymium magnet
Orientation Vertical, pointing upward
Enclosure Sealed, with passive radiator
Separated PCB housing Yes, PCB at bottom case
Amplifiers resolution 96KHz 24bit
DSP chips 100MIPS
Wireless DECT channel EU, US, JP, SA
Receiver sensitivity -91dBm
Air codec Standard, HQ
Battery & power mode Battery capacity 1000mAH
Power mode ECO, Auto
Play time 20 hours (25 hours at ECO mode)
Standby mode 15min auto off
Charge time 4 hours
Charging adaptor USB 5V 1A
Estimate battery life 3-5 years
Features Sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity
Audio mode profile Music 2.0/2.1, Movie side/vocal, TV, radio
Transmitter search mode Auto, Manual
Tweeter gain No
Left to right balance Yes, 7 level, 1dB each
AIR+ 3D Support
Speaker position Main Yes
Rear Yes, with 3D function
Centre Yes, must work by 2 pcs
Transmitter supported ONEdongle Stereo
ONEcube Stereo, Surround
ONEbox.micro Stereo, Surround Surround center & rear speaker
Speaker setting access Smartphone Yes, via ONEbox
Key operation Yes, English vocie guidance
Auto pairing Yes
Firmware upgrade Firmware upgrade Yes, work on WIN10 via USB