Never use player volume to control volume level in your computer and TV LPCM output. Player volume is an attenuator which will reduce audio depth resolution. Put player volume at maximum to retain full audio resolution, try to use computer audio device volume or ONEbox master volume.

Volume control in music player (iTune, WMP, Groove, ... ) is an attenuator which will reduce audio resolution. Keep player volume maximum, change volume by USB mixer volume or ONEbox master volume
If your TV output format is LPCM, change TV volume will attenuate LPCM bit resolution. Keep TV LPCM voluem at maximum, use ONEbox master volume.

Never turn on sound effect and equalizer in your PC. Enable bit resolution as 24 bit. Sample rate both 24KHz and 96KHz are good enough.

For WIN10 PC : (1) Set sample rate 48/24 or 96/24; (2) Set speaker configure to FULL RANGE speaker; (3) Disable sound ehancement; (4) Disbale or bypass equalizer if your PC has driver installed
For iMAC or MacBook : Set sample rate to 48/24 or 96/24 (default is 48/16)

Not recommend up-scaled file e.g. FLAC192/24, which is sound processing outcoming instead of true recording data.
ONEbox has build-in up-sampler, output to amplifers are 192KHz 24 bit. Use ONEbox up-sampler can have better sound quality which is fully match to speaker characteristic. Use WAV file 44.1/16 (ripped from CD) and HD 96/24 (download from media shop) are good enough.

Use WAV uncompressed raw file. CD quality 44.1/16 has very high sound quality. Master studio version 96/24 is the best, but create high data rate on WiFi
Not recommend up-sampling FLAC and ALAC which is domain transformed, sound nature is shifted
Keep the original file format, don't convert to other format. Every conversion, both encode and decode, will lose sound purity and kill musicality

Portable speakers are powered by battery. No cable quality issue.
ONEbox is powered by USB 5V power. USB cable with noise shield ing is benefit to sound quality. High current rating cable can improve smoothness sound.   

EMI ferrite bead mount on power cord can improve sound purity.

ONEbox is not senstive to cable quality. High quality USB cable will have a bit improvement on sound. Suugest to have a try if you have bidget.
Use better power cord for ONEclassic's adaptor will get sound improvement. Just use an audio grade power cord is enough.
Add ferrite bead on power supply cable, e.g. ONEbox USB cable and ONEclassic power cord.
Never use silver coated power cord for subwoofer, recommand to use copper power cord.

Typical burn-in time of speaker : ~50 hours
Run-in time of speaker at power on : ~5 minutes

Usually the ONEaudio speakers will be sufficiently run in for 30-50 hours of normal use to reach their intended state. Speaker driver will often continue to develop and improve for the first hundred or so hours. Carry out final stage calibration after run in process is completed
Every power on speaker need a short warm up time to reach stable sound performan, usually 5-10 mintues
Always keep ONEclassic at standby mode. Keep small amount current running in speaker and adaptor can keep it warming

Speaker itself is vibrator. It will induce secondary vibration on speaker placement cabinet or desktop. Try to isolate vibration by marble board or anti-vibration plate.

Sound character of a damping board is reason of induced vibration. 

If you put speaker on wooden table top, we are highly recommend to use a damping board to reduce vibration. Marble board give clear sound, thick solid wood board will have warm sound, aluninum board give balance sound.