High integration console processor

Unbeatable sound quality, the smallest audiophile grade audio set. HiFi sound not only in your living, you can listen high quality sound in your bedroom and study room.

In busy city, living space is getting smaller and smaller. Can we enjoy HiFi sound in a very limited space apartment ? Yes, ONEbox.mini is the solution. The console unit is palm size, speakers are palm size, subwoofer is desktop compact size, and all daily functions are integrated include a truly wireless 5.1 surround.

ONEbox.mini is design originate from ONEbox.micro. All functions are compatible with ONEbox.micro. Get more information there ONEbox.micro


Design for the best sound

* Bi-amplifier and bi-wire design – eliminate passive crossover filter, the ideal solution to solve speaker driver phase error. Use 2 amplifiers one for high frequency and one for low frequency, dramatically reduce TIM distortion.
* 3xDSP – super speed to run high precision signal processing.
* No DAC & ADC, full digital design – blocked up noise, minimize microphonic effect, less sensitive to power supply quality.
* Lossless surround wireless codec – combine wire and wireless speaker, 2 times of data rate for surround wireless speaker

Built with audiophile standard

ONEbox.mini is built with high end audiophile design.
Cabinet : gold plating blinding post, stainless steel anti-vibration spike, 8mm aluminium top and bottom plate
Speaker : silver plated bi-wire speaker cable, titanium tweeter, thickening aluminium speaker enclosure
Component : German capacitor, multi-layer electronic board, TI amplifiers
Accessory : Audio grade power adaptor, HiFi quality cable pack


240W powerful output

4 amplifiers output to L and R speaker woofer and tweeter, each amplifier has 60W power give total 240W output power.

You can bypass the internal DSP crossover, 2 amplifiers on each channel can output full range audio to standard passive speaker. If your speakers has bi-wire input, you can use 2 pairs of speaker cable connect to LF and HF blinding post. 

Energetic sound with subwoofer

You can add wireless ONEwoofer to extend low bass.
ONEwoofer.5+5 is desktop compact size for music.
ONEwoofer.6+6 is good for music and movie.
ONEwoofer.8+8 can give you theatre effect in movie play.

AIR+3D sound

Add a pair wireless ONEmicro speaker as rear speaker, ONEmicro reproduce sound space and create 3D sound effect. You will experince larger sound sapce, sound wil width, length and depth.

You can select 3D enlarging level, you can choose studio, room and hall effect.

All-in-one, everything ready

One unit include stereo 2.0/2.1, surround 5.1, TV 2.0/2.1/3.1 and 3D sound :

– Wireless streaming from smartphone iPhone and Android,
– USB audio for MacBook, WIN and set-top-box,
– Network player connect to NAS server,
– Local music server by smartphone remote control and local key access,
– BluRay player for BluRay movie and CD audio
– TV surround on Netflix, iTune, Youtube
– Internet radio via your router


Understood your needs

Your TV cabinet or study desk is not a good material for speaker placement, soft surface will have blurred sound, hard surface will have cold sound. An accessory 10mm aluminium speaker plate is recommended for you.

Highly integrated features

Ultra sound


Supported speaker

Input port

Specification summary:

Outlook Size 168 x 122/135 x 52
Materials 8mm aluminium + PVC
Weight 1350g
Colour Silver/White
key 3 keys, at rear panel
LED 2, red and blue
Input port WiFi audio Yes
Optical DTS, Dolby, LPCM
Coaxial No
USB audio B-female
USB host A- female, 500mA
Output port Audio output 4 channels, HF & LF
Connected drivers Bi-wire mini size speaker
Power output 4x60W, HF & LF on each channel
Power supply Port 2.1mm DC jack, centre positive
Rating 24V 6A (input 110/220V)
Standby power 1.5W
DECT radio Country EU, US, JP, Asian, SA
Scan idle channel Auto, manual
Tx power level, range 14dBm, 20m
Audio mode 2.0/2.1/3.1/4.1/5.1
Audio data rate Kbps Std, HQ, HQ+, HQ++
Wireless sound track 4
Wireless speaker support 16
Music source DLNA on WiFi WAV, MP3, FLAC192/24
Airplay on WiFi Yes
USB audio stereo 96KHz 24bit
Optical port CD, TV, Blu-Ray, Set-top-box
Coaxial port No
Network player Yes, DMR & DMS
USB RAM on USB host 4~32G, music server, DMS
BT dongle on USB host Yes
Internet radio Yes
Support speaker ONEclassic Rear
ONEmedi Rear, centre
ONEmini Rear, centre
ONEmicro 3D rear, centre
Q-Bass Rear
ONEwoofer.5+5 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.6+6 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.8+8 Auto time, phase & crossover
Wired mini speaker No
Sound processing Up-sampling interpolation Constant, Poly, Linear, Cubic
Sound character Warm, Nature, Clarity, Comfort
Sound enhancer Airplay, MP3
Surround effect Theatre, Home, Sharpen
2.1 LFE in stereo play Soft, Comfort, Strong
Bass filling technique Low, high, auto
Audio routing 5.1 to 3.1 Yes, auto
5.1 to 2.1 Yes, auto
TV 2.0 to 5.1 Yes, auto
2.0 to 2.1 Yes, auto
2.0 to 3D stereo Yes, manual select 3D effect
Stereo mode multi-zone Yes, manual switch routing
Remote setting Select sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort
AIR+ 3D effect Studio, Room, Hall
Memory for user sound setting 9
Speaker setting Tweeter gain, group volume
Subwoofer setting Sub level, on/off, setting
Q-Bass setting Woofer level, routing
Volume control Master volume 0 ~ 60dB, 1dB step
Speaker group volume -24dB ~ +24dB, 1dB step
Linked device volume USB, Airplay, DLNA volume
Setup/calibration tools Battery level monitor Yes
Test speaker Yes
Room calibration Small, Medium, Large
Add speaker Yes, up to 16 speakers
Change DECT channel Auto, Manual
WiFi setting Yes
Firmware upgrade DECT module and SOC module
Others function Speaker array Yes, up to 16 speakers
Portable PA application Not support
ECO mode to extend play time Not support
Network mini media server Yes, DMS device