Incorporate with AV amplifier, streamer, network player, upsampler

ONEbox.micro is a playing card size console processor, functions included cover an AV amplifier. But hidden feature is its superb sound quality, not only having HiFi sound quality,  it has transformable sound nature for  music sound, movie sound and TV sound.      

ONEbox.micro has 2 radio module 2.4GHz WiFi and 1.9GHz DECT, bridge up WiFi audio and ONEaudio speaker wirelessly. ONEbox.micro also perform DAC upsampler function, audio go into ONEbox.micro will upscale to HD quality then output to wireless speaker.

As an AV console processor, Dolby and DTS movies played is reproduced in true wireless 5.1. AIR+ surround effect give you virtual Atmos 5.1.4.

It is a network player. Connect ONEbox.micro to your home network, play your NAS server song to wireless speakers. ONEbox.micro can support HiRes FLAC 192/24 song file.

It is a wireless streamer, smartphone audio can direct audio streaming to wireless speaker. ONEbox.micro can support iPhone/iPad AirPlay and Android/WIN10 DLNA.

ONEbox.micro can smart detect TV sound source, then switch sound profile to TV sound. You will hear clear natural dialogue and no fatigue after long listening. To ehnance TV surround effect, just turn on center speaker and rear speaker, TV sound will turn to 5.1. 

It is small, but it is a great HiFi

Small size console processor doesn’t mean poor sound quality !  

Conventional HiFi system is use luxury analogue component to build “HiF” sound. High quality components can only keep distortion low, but distortion and noise still grow up along signal path from input device to output device.

ONEbox is an all-in-one device include stereo/surround decoder, up-sampler, sound processor, time/phase control and audio router. Signal flow from source to speaker is the straight through and the shortest. Signal is digital, no noise pick up and no distortion induced.  

ONEbox is equipped with a top class up-sampling interpolation, with 4 types for you to select. Harmonic rich music sound can beat a HiFi DAC. You don’t need to use bulky and expensive converter.

Powerful processing

3 pieces DSP chips has total 1000MIPS speed which provide more than enough processing power to run precised processing algorithm. Doubled 64 bit audio depth can keep sound dynamic and can retain every details in the music. High accurate control on speakers channel synchronisation and subwoofer time alignment delivers an excellent sound stage and movie surrounding effect.

You have great freedom to build your sound. You can change up-sampling interpolation filters, change speaker sound character, change LFE effect, enable 3D sound effect, change bass and treble level. You can do it by your fingertip.

AIR+ Surround 5.1.2 & 5.1.4

AIR+ sound is the most realistic effects to deliver surround 3D sound by creating a vertical sound space. You can hear the whole picture with width, depth and height. Even movie source from online streaming only support 5.1, ONEbox can regenerate 5.1 sound to Atmos/DTS-X effect 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 sound. You just need to add 1~2 pair of ONEmicro+ and put them on relatively high position.   

AIR+ is not use human perception as of DTS Virtual X, it is true over-head sound in the room. Top speakers sound output are combined front and rear channel, regenerate sound object model, inserting room space propagation time factor, to create a top layer sound space. With added height, you will be plunged into a 3D universe with breathtaking realism.

Network player

ONEbox.micro is a DMR renderer in networking NAS. Connect ONEbox to your home network, you can use APPs to select song in NAS server and play to ONEbox. ONEbox can support most of networking APPs : HiFi Cast, BubleuPnP, Mconnect, Sesam Music, Plex, DS Audio ….

If you didn’t have NAS server, local music server at ONEbox.micro is your solution. Use a 4~32G USB ram as media storage (DMS), then a music server will be on your home network. You can use smartphone to select song and play, that is the same as as NAS server. 

Local music server can be work standalone. Plugged in a USB ram stored with song, ONEbox will auto play song. 

TV 5.1 sound

TV broadcast, YouTube and online TV only are 2 channel sound. Don’t worry, ONEbox can up-mix to a virtual 5.1 sound : centre speaker play vocal sound, rear speaker play surround sound to enlarge 3D listening space.
The virtual 5.1 function is smart enabled, just turn on centre speaker you will get 3.1 sound, turn on rear speakers you will get 5.1 sound. At night time,  you will turn play volume low and don’t need 5.1 sound, turn off rear and center speaker, TV sound go back to stereo.

High integrated, all functions in one unit

LFE output for your active subwoofer

ONEbox.micro has LFE output on RCA port. You can connect to your active subwoofer. Wired subwoofer and wireless ONEwoofer can work together. If you have powerful subwoofer, use it to output earthquake deep bass, keep ONEwoofer as bass master for bass management.  

Smart operation

All you need to do is tell the speaker where it is and how you want it to play and it will do the rest!

  • Smart input – the console will automatically switch to the playing sound source
  • Smart routing – the system will automatically send the correct signal and channel to the appropriate speaker, the transmitter works out how speaker configuration
  • Smart sound – As we don’t manipulate the signal the sounds reproduced are the way they are intended. So no more changing settings for music, surround, TV and radio.
  • Smart switch on/off – the system will automatically go in to standby mode to conserve power

9 user memories for each audio mode

Each audio mode has individual user memory. You usually turn high volume to play movie in surround mode, listen radio usually at low volume. When you switch audio mode from surround to radio, volume level will resume to last radio volume. 8 audio mode are : DLNA, AirPlay, Surround 5.1, TV, CD, USB, music server and radio.

No APPs install

No APPs to install as it runs from any device with a web browser on your network.
With so many different platforms available we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to connect and control your system and also ensuring your security and privacy.
By simply entering the IP address of the ONEbox.micro to any web browser connected to your network will allow you to quickly and easily control your ONEaudio system.
With intuitive icons and simple controls, you can quickly set your system the way you want it!

Standalone operation, no smartphone

You can control ONEbox.micro without smartphone. With 2 keys on the front panel, you can change volume, change input, play/stop playing sound. 

Supported speaker

ONEbox.micro can support up to 16 speakers or subwoofers. You are free to add and remove speaker on your smartphone. ONEbox.micro can support all ONEaudio speaker :
ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi
ONEclassic, Q-Bass
ONEwoofer.6+6, ONEwoofer.8+8

Technology packed features


You may not believe what ONEbox.micro can be !

Specification summary:

Outlook Size 80x80x20
Materials ABS
Weight 125g
Colour Black/White
key 2 keys, on front panel
LED 2, red and blue
Input port WiFi audio Yes
Optical DTS, Dolby, LPCM
Coaxial No
USB audio micro USB
USB host A-female, 200mA
Output port Audio output LFE out on RCA port
Connected drivers No
Power output No
Power supply Port share with micro USB audio port
Rating 5V 1A, USB adaptor
Standby power 1W
DECT radio Country EU, US, JP, Asian, SA
Scan idle channel Auto, manual
Tx power level, range 14dBm, 20m
Audio mode 2.0/2.1/3.1/4.1/5.1
Audio data rate Kbps Std, HQ, HQ+, HQ++
Wireless sound track 6
Wireless speaker support 16
Music source DLNA on WiFi WAV 96/24, FLAC192/24
Airplay on WiFi Yes
USB audio stereo 96KHz 16/24bit
Optical port CD, TV, Blu-Ray, Set-top-box
Coaxial port No
Network player Yes, DMR & DMS
USB RAM on USB host 4~32G, music server, DMS
BT dongle on USB host Yes
Internet radio Yes
Support speaker ONEclassic Main, rear
ONEmedi Main, rear, centre
ONEmini Main, rear, centre
ONEmicro Main, 3D rear, centre
Q-Bass Main, rear, LFE
ONEwoofer.5+5 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.6+6 Auto time, phase & crossover
ONEwoofer.8+8 Auto time, phase & crossover
Wired mini speaker No
Sound processing Up-sampling interpolation Constant, Poly, Linear, Cubic
Surround effect Theatre, Home, Sharpen
Sound enhancer Airplay, MP3
TV vivid sound Low, High
2.1 LFE in stereo play Soft, Comfort, Strong
Bass filling technique Low, high, auto
Audio routing 5.1 to 5.1.2 Yes
5.1 to 5.1.4 Yes
TV 2.0 to 5.1 Yes, auto
2.0 to 2.1 Yes, auto
2.0 to 3D stereo Yes, manual set on/off
Stereo mode multi-zone Yes, manual switch routing
Remote setting Select sound character Warm, Natural, Clarity, Comfort
AIR+ 3D effect Studio, Room, Hall
Memory for user sound setting 9
Speaker setting Tweeter gain, group volume
Subwoofer setting Sub level, on/off, setting
Q-Bass setting Woofer level, routing
Volume control Master volume 0 ~ 60dB, 1dB step
Speaker group volume -24dB ~ +24dB, 1dB step
Linked device volume USB, Airplay, DLNA volume
Setup/calibration tools Battery level monitor Yes
Test speaker Yes
Room calibration Small, Medium, Large
Add speaker Yes, up to 16 speakers
Change DECT channel Auto, Manual
WiFi setting Yes
Firmware upgrade DECT module and SOC module
Others function Speaker array Yes, up to 16 speakers
Portable PA application Not support
ECO mode to extend play time Not support
Network mini media server Yes, DMS device