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The DECT audio technology is undergoing evolution.
Today, our wireless sound can beat conventional audio.
Stay tuned, more exciting technology breakthrough is coming ! 

DECT wireless audio : Doorway to audiophila.


100% Born in Hong Kong  (June 2020)

From now on, we move our production to Hong Kong, ensure the best product quality.
Thanks to PDSTE provide production support us.

100% technology development in Hong Kong
100% product design in Hong Kong
100% made in Hong Kong

High quality reliable component inside :
* German made (Dialog) DECT baseband chip
* US made (Qualcomm) WiFi SOC chip
* Japan made L, R, C and German made audio capacitor
* US made (TI) audio amplifier
* Japan made (Panasonic) lithium battery
* Taiwan made speaker driver

New surround decoder  (May 2020)

Upgraded new surround decoders, DTS sound can get true HD 96/24 resolution, and Dolby digital plus decoder have improvement on dynamic and extended high frequency response to HD standard.

Top speaker sound object meta data are extracted  from optical port in surround 5.1 decode stage. More accurate sound data result of getting top layer sound more precised with higher separation.

“Object” effect is sound object based rendering for moving object sound like Atmos.
“X-space” effect is vertical sound extension to create 3D surround sound like DTS:X.
“AIR+ 3D” effect is virtual #D sound cater for old version movie.

Introduce new sound profiles (Jan 2020) 

We did breakthrough on ‘digital’ wireless sound, the new sound turn to ‘analogue’ and natural. We keep natural sound as a fundamental, introduce sound profile shifting to lively and colourful sound. 

4 stereo sound timbers :
Natural – the original sound without any processing
Lively – adding compensation on high frequency to extend human listening, recover sound lively
Bright – with a bit sound processing, create airy and crisp sound
Comfort – cater for over-processed sound file, e.g. MP3 

3 surround sound effects :
Concert – full detials immersive surround sound
Action – emphasis on dynamic output, more power and more exciting sound
Night mode – high sharpness sound design for low volume play 

We made sound recordings  (November 2019)

Go to Support > Download zone > Recordings > Product page.  Here to go. 

Recordings are recorded in our showroom. You might surprise with sound quality in recordings. We guarantee recordings are direct-cut raw version wihtout processing. You can listen all sound tracking in our showroom. 

Stereo recordings cover ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi, ONEclassic2 & ONEclassic3.
Surround recordings cover ONEmicro, MIxed, ONEmini, ONEmedi and ONEclassic.

We have launched TRUE wireless 5.1.4 (September 2019)

On August 2019, we proundly launched TRUE wireless 5.1.4. All 9 speakers are separated, no speaker cable and no power cord. Placement of top up-firing speaker is so simple, just put it on the shelf or on main/rear speaker top. You can expereince 3D surround sound without worry about wiring.

ONEmicro+ has new SOC chip and new firmware to support 3D sound object renderings. Go to ONEmicro+ page to learn more.

What’s new in DECT audio journey (June 2019) :

Firmware released on July, firmware for upgrade is released on September (only support 2018 Nov or afterward product)

  1. Add room correciton to compensate speaker pair acoutic shift due to room condition.
  2. Introduce surround effect : Theatre, Home and Sharpen
    * Theatre effect is design for big room or drama movie
    * Home effect is design for medium room or action movie
    * Sharpen effect is  emphasised surround effect for low volume play
  3. Applied time correction to room size calibration
  4. Shorten latency by 15%, typical time is 10mS
  5. Channel synchronization is improved to typical 0.000 000 5s
  6. Time jittering is improved to 1/10, typcial is 0.02ppm
  7. Trim down acoustic phase displacement compensation to 0.6mm
  8. Raise stereo 2.1 mode data rate
  9. Separated 2.0 and 2.1 sound profile, reduce main speaker and subwoofer overlapping range
  10. Upgrade speaker upsampler to full 32 bit audio depth
  11. Add two dipped pole equalizer in ONEmicro to remove second order resonate 

We are in e-Expo 2019 (Hong Kong)




Q-Bass got very positive feedback in sound quality and its simply.
“Unbelieverably sound quality of it price !”
“Wireless …  looking for such product long time ago.”
“Love quality bass.”