Top speaker setup page

Speaker battery level

Report battery level of each speaker. Green zone is battery level 30~100%, yellow zone is battery level 15~30%, red zone is battery level lower than 15%.

Speaker group voume

Set top speaker pair separated volume level. Group volume will apply to all audio mode. There is 40 steps in 1dB level.
Tips : If you want to change left/right speaker balance of a speaker pair, set individual speaker balance by speaker key access. Hold [+] key go to speaker local menu, go to set balance and change balance level.

Speaker height

Set top speaker placement height. If you put top speaker on main/rear speaker top, select [Speaker top]. If you put speaker near ceiling, select [Ceiling]. In between, select [Mid-height].
Tips : Never place top speaker lower than your ear level.

Speaker position

Set top rear speaker position with respect to rear speaker.
Seating side – on high level near your seating position
Midway – in between seating position and rear corner
Corner – top speaker place at rear corner
Remark : You must need to set rear speaker position before set top rear speaker position.