Sound setting

Each audio mode has individual sound setting include master volume. Current setting will aplly to current audio mode, that doesn’t affect audio setting in other audio mode. 8 audio mode :
* Stereo DLNA
* Stereo AirPlay
* Stereo local music server
* Stereo USB audio
* Surround 5.1 Dolby/DTS
* Surround 2.0 (Virtual TV 5.1 mode)
* Stereo LPCM (CD player on optical port)
* Internet Radio

Treble level

Set speakers treble level, total 15 level of 0.5dB each step.
Remark : No effect for ONEmicro speaker

Subwoofer level

Set subwoofer level, total 15 level of 1dB each step.
Remark : Stereo 2.1 mode only, not apply to surround LFE channel

Speaker sound timbre (stereo mode)

Select speaker sound timbre :
Natural – original sound without sound processing
Airy – extended high freqeuncy resposne to compensate hearing loss
Rich – enrich mid vocal to reproduce full bodied sound
Comfort – cater for over processed sound source, recommand for TV sound

Speaker sound nature (surround mode)

Select speaker surround sound nature :
Gentle – smooth sound for musical and concert
Balance – fit for all kind of movie
Brillance – high dynamic for action movie

Upsampling filter (stereo mode)

Select up-sampling interpolation method and filter type :
Constant – full details and well-balanced
Poly-Phase – best for classical music
Linear – best for male/female voice
Cubic – sweet vocal sound
Remark : No up-sampling for USB audio, you can make use of your PC to have up-sampling function.

Play Buffer (AirPlay mode only)

Select play buffer time. Longer play buffer can get smooth streaming to avoid audio disturbance, but long play buffer create time lag. For music play, select long play buffer because no time lag impact. For video play, select shortest play buffer 0s.
Auto is dynamic play buffer time depend on WiFi traffic quality.

Subwoofer bass effect (2.1 mode only)

Select pseudo LFE channel bass effect : Soft, Comfort, Strong, Off
Remark : You can set subwoofer bass output off only apply to current audio mode.

Top Speaker 3D effect (surround 5.1.4 mode)

Select 3D effect of top speaker top layer sound :
Object – object based 3D soudn effect
X-space – heighten vertical sound space
AIR+ – AIR+ 3D rear sounbd space effect
Remark : Menu will be hide up if no top speakers are available.

Bass filling (surround mode)

Bass management to shift surround channel bass to subwoofer. Bass level can be select Low or High which is depend on speaker size and subwoofer combination.

LFE signal level (surround mode)

Boost LFE signal level (+6dB gain). Beware of signal overflow create satutation distortion.


Trun on loudness will increase sound clarity at low volume play.