AirPlay sound setting

Sound setting only apply to AirPlay mode, that doesn’t affect audio setting in other audio mode. Set of sound setting parameters include master volume and audio setting in this page.

Treble level

Set speakers treble level, total 15 level of 0.5dB each step.

Subwoofer level

Set subwoofer level, total 15 level of 1dB each step.

Speaker sound timbre

Select speaker sound timbre :
Natural – original sound without sound processing
Airy – extended high freqeuncy resposne to compensate hearing loss
Rich – enrich mid vocal to reproduce full bodied sound
Comfort – cater for over processed sound source, recommand for TV sound

Upsampling filter

Select up-sampling interpolation method and filter type.

Subwoofer bass

Select pseudo LFE channel bass effect.

Play Buffer

Select play buffer time. Longer play buffer can get smooth streaming, but create time lag. For music play, select long play buffer because no time lag impact. For video play, select shortest play buffer 0s.
Auto is dynamic play buffer time depend on WiFi traffic quality.


Trun on loudness will increase sound clarity at low volume play.