Rear speaker setup page

Speaker battery level

Report battery level of each speaker. Green zone is battery level 30~100%, yellow zone is battery level 15~30%, red zone is battery level lower than 15%. If battery level is lower than 10%, warning voice message will be reported at power on and power off the speaker.
ONEmini/ONEmedi can keep further 5~10 hours playing at red zone. Recommend recharge speaker at red zone.

Speaker group voume

Set rear speaker pair separated volume level. Group volume will apply to all audio mode. There is 40 steps in 1dB level.
Tips : If you want to change left/right speaker balance of a speaker pair, set individual speaker balance by speaker key access. Hold [+] key go to speaker local menu, go to set balance and change balance level.

Room correction

Objective : to compensate room acoustic factors of speaker placement, room absorption, room size. 7 steps of room correction, higher value mean more high frequency componet of sound.
Setting : Speaker place near rear wall, higher of value. High absorption room, higher of value. Bigger room, lower of value.
Remark : Not for ONEmicro speaker.

Distance (from main speaker)

For ONEmini and ONEmedi speaker, set rear speaker distance from main speaker. Distance unit is meter.


For ONEmicro speaker as rear speaker to create AIR+ 3D effect :
Hook – no 3D effect, as of normal rear speaker at stereo play.
Studio – create rear vertical sound space
Room – create large room sound space
Hall – create a near echo effect
Tips : Put ONEmicro pointing upward. Suppose you should not hear sound from rear speaker, only have a sense of rear sound sapce.