Surround 5.1 sound setting

Sound setting only apply to surround 5.1 mode, that doesn’t affect audio setting in other audio mode. Set of sound setting parameters include master volume and audio setting in this page.

Treble level

Set speakers treble level, total 15 level of 0.5dB each step.

Subwoofer level

Set subwoofer(s) level, total 15 level of 1dB each step.

Surround sound mode

Select speaker surround sound nature :
Music – cater for concert and music video
Movie – generally use for all kind of movie
Vivid – enhanced sound effect

Top Speaker 3D effect

Select 3D effect of top layer sound :
Object – object based 3D soudn effect
X-space – heighten vertical sound space
AIR+ – AIR+ 3D rear sounbd space effect

Bass filling

Bass management to move surround speaker bass to subwoofer. Recommand to use in small size surround speaker ONEmicro. It can convert some 5.0 classical video to 5.1 sound.
Bass level can be select Low or High.

LFE boost

Boosted LFE signal can double output (6dB signal gain). Beware of signal overflow create satutation distortion.