DLNA Sound setting

DLNA is kind of music file streaming instead of audio streaming. Music file decoding is run on ONEbox which support WAV, FLAC and MP3 format up to 192/24 HiRes standard.

DLNA can play through :
– Network player to play song stored at NAS
– File cast to ONEbox from WIN10
– Android phone and iPhone music play

DLNA audio mode has individual sound setting include master volume. Current setting will only apply to DLNA audio mode, that doesn’t affect audio setting in other audio mode.

Treble level

Set speakers treble level, total 15 level of 0.5dB each step.
Remark : No effect for ONEmicro speaker

Subwoofer level

Set subwoofer level, total 15 level of 1dB each step.
Remark : Stereo 2.1 mode only, not apply to surround LFE channel

Speaker sound timbre

Select speaker sound timbre :
Natural – original sound without sound processing
Vivid – lively sound, extended high pitch harmonic sound
Vocal – enrich mid vocal to reproduce full bodied sound
Comfort – cater for over processed sound file

Upsampling filter

Select up-sampling interpolation method and filter type :
Constant – full details and well-balanced
Poly-Phase – best for classical music
Linear – best for male/female voice
Cubic – charming vocal sound

Subwoofer bass effect (2.1 mode only)

Select pseudo LFE channel bass effect : Soft, Comfort, Strong, Off
Remark : You can set subwoofer bass output off only apply to current audio mode.