Local server sound setting

Stored music files in USB RAM of storage size 4-32GB. Format USB RAM as FAT32. Support file format : WAV, FLAC, MP3 and AIFF.

Treble level

Set speakers treble level, total 15 level of 0.5dB each step.

Subwoofer level

Set subwoofer level, total 15 level of 1dB each step.

Speaker sound timbre

Select speaker sound timbre :
Natural – original sound without sound processing
Vival – lively sound with extended high frequency harmonic tone
Vocal – enrich mid vocal to reproduce full bodied sound
Comfort – cater for over processed sound source

Upsampling filter

Select up-sampling interpolation method and filter type :
Constant, Poly-Phase, Linear, Cubic
Remark : Only music file 44.1KHz, 48KHz have upsampling function.

Subwoofer bass

Select pseudo LFE channel bass effect :
Soft, Comfort, Strong and Off