Go to setup page to get full information, press here

Input select

DLNA input (WiFi wireless)
For network play, file streaming from smart device to ONEbox. Search audio device ONEbox in your music media network.

AirPlay input (WiFi wireless)
WiFi wireless audio streaming for iPhone and iPad. Search audio device ONEbox on your iPhone.

USB audio input (USB A-male)
Stand USB audio device for iMac and WIN10. Switch device audio destination to ONEbox stereo.

Internet radio (WiFi wireless)
Support Worldwide internet radio. Place radio streaming URL in radio station field.

Local music server (USB RAM)
Mini music server in 4~32GB USB RAM, FAT32 formatted. Support music file : WAV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3.

Optical SPDIF input
Support Dolby/DTS 5.1 surround mode, LPCM 48/16 or Dolby 2.0 TV mode, CD player 44.1/16 stereo mode.

System sleep
Put system to sleep mode : switch off speaker, speaker radio turn off, ONEbox is sleep state, DLAN and AirPlay audio device will disappear.

System standby
Put system to standby mode. ONEbox will auto detect active input and make connection. Input port scanning include DLNA, AirPlay, USB, optical, coaxial and USB RAM plug-in.

Master volume

Bottom button

Help menu
Home page help menu, and URL link to operation menu, setup guide, firmware tools.
Sub-page help menu on top left corner.

Sound setting page
Total 14 audio mode setting, touch button to go to correspond audio mode sound setting.

Speaker setup page
Check speaker configuration, add speaker and test speaker.
Speaker sub-page can read speaker battery level, setup speaker position, speaker group volume and room correction.

System setup
WiFi router setup.
Speaker DECT channel.
Device name and password.
Firmware check and upgrade.