Subwoofer setup & Calibration

Phase alignment

Objective : to align subwoofer low bass output in-phase with main speaker mid-bass. Remove bass layer sound blur due to mis-aligned sound wave overlapping.
Setting : measure distance apart between subwoofer relative to main speaker. Apply distance (unit in meter), listen mid-low bass layer sound clarity. Fine tune the setting to get clean bass.
Tips : use classical music as test reference for mid-low bass layer

Subwoofer volume

Change your subwoofer master output level, total 40 steps in 1dB. Volume level change will have effect on all audio mode.
Tips : to set subwoofer level separated in different audio mode, go to corrseponding sound setting page to set subwoofer level.

Position (from main speaker)

Set your subwoofer (delay) placement position with respect to main speaker, phase alignment is super-impose on delay setting.
Selection of 0m, 1.6m, 3.2m, 6.4m.
Remark : you need to do phase alignment after you change subwoofer position setting. Phase alignment value is depend on position value for which position value as a reference point of measurement.

Set cutoff frequency

Select subwoofer cut off crossover point.
Setting : 100Hz / 180Hz / 480Hz / Default
* 100Hz for strong reflection room (bass booming)
* 180Hz for clean bass with reduced punch
* 480Hz for full dynamic bass, excellent for action movie
* Default setting is preloaded set of patameter match to different combinations of subwoofer and speaker.