Mini muisc server

Plug-in USB ram with music files. It is the highest sound quality play mode.
4~32GB USB ram formatted for FAT32.
Support codec : MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF.
Remark : Only support 2 layers directory, root and sub-folder.

Sound setting

Touch top left homne button and go to home page, touch bottom sound setting button to internet radio sound setting page. You can set :
– Treble level and subwoofer level
– Speaker sound timber (recommand Comfort and Vocal)
– Upsampling interpolation filter
– Pseudo LFE mode : Off, Soft, Comfort, Strong

Master volume

You can change volume at internet radio page and home page. Touch volume digital can mute/unmute the audio.

Operation button

Play / Stop / Pause
Previous / Next
Single / Repeat song / Repeat folder / Shuffling play

Song list

Touch the song shown can select the song to play.
Touch [UP] / [DOWN] key in the right can shown previous/next song list.

Refresh song list

Touch button to refresh song list in root directory.

Change USB ram

Stop music play. Remove old USB ram and plug-in a new USB ram.
Touch button to read root directory song list.