Internet Radio

Support Worldwide radio station with streaming URL. Audio codec capability include MP2/MP3 and AC3.

Sound setting

Touch top left homne button and go to home page, touch bottom sound setting button to internet radio sound setting page. You can set :
– Treble level and subwoofer level
– Speaker sound timber (recommand Comfort and Vocal)
– Pseudo LFE mode : Off, Soft, Comfort, Strong

Master volume

You can change volume at internet radio page and home page. Touch volume digital can mute/unmute the audio.

Play and Pause connection

On the right of playing radio station field, touch operation button can play / pause connection.

Edit radio station

Key operation (without use of smartphone)

Long press [o] key in the middle when ONEbox.HQ at standby mode. After 10-15 second, the last radio station will be connected.
Press [+] / [-] key on the left to change volume.
Press [<<] / [>>] key on the right to switch to next radio station.
Long press [o] key to disconnect internet radio and go back to standby mode.